Christmas On The Close

Christmas On The Close
By Stephanie Wood
Genre:-Women's Fiction (in a soap-opera style)

THE CHRISMAS CRACKER reveals how a Christmas cracker helps Tricia to decide between an old flame and new love
A FESTIVE TEMPTATION explores what happens when Joss stretches the rules so far, she could actually be breaking them
COUNTDOWN TO CHRISTMAS reveals an unexpected decision from Lorraine when Ray settles into retirement
MISTLETOE MOMENTS follows disruptive relationship differences between Veronica and Owen, while their son hopes some mistletoe will answer his Christmas wish
THE CHRISTMAS MIRACLE shows how Diane’s desire for closure on a relationship she lost as a young woman leads her on a journey she isn’t prepared for with very unexpected results
THE SNOW GLOBE explores how Nate attempts to maintain his social life while dealing with the growing pains of his daughter Summer
ANGELS AND STARS reveals how Denise’s failed dream becomes something that she is keen to nurture in her daughter Charlotte
A CHRISTMAS KISS explores how an unexpected festive celebration might begin to cause problems in Billy and Sonia’s relationship
THE SECRET SANTA follows Heather and Kyle in their desire for a better lifestyle while trying to preserve their personal life
A WINTER’S TALE shows how Kay and Xander balance the spiralling demands of their children with the caring needs of their parents
LAST CHRISTMAS discovers what Hilary and Roger have in mind as they prepare a plan to ease the challenge of old age
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Vengeance Day

Vengeance Day (Book 1 Detective Christian Dane Thrillers)
By Simon Dinsdale
Genre:-Crime Fiction/Thriller
Blurb:-'A compelling series. Gripping and informed. Dinsdale's knowledge of police procedures shines through.' Thomas, author of Duty Calls
Liam Rafferty and Mary Sullivan are both Irish Republican dissidents. Their plan is to bring terror to the British mainland and avenge Liam's brother’s murder. Their former comrades in Belfast learn of his activities and order Mick McArthur, the Republican movement's intelligence chief, to stop them at any cost.
 Detective Superintendent Christian Dane works the most serious crimes and is determined to get justice for the victims. He leads major inquiries in Essex. When Karen Teller, a veteran MI5 officer, receives a warning of an imminent terrorist attack, by an unknown dissident group, Dane is called in to investigate.
 The only lead is a weekly call to Belfast made from a telephone box on the Essex coast. With Detective Constable Hayley Cross, Dane’s most capable officer, at his side they set to work tracking the terrorists down.
 Working around hindrance from Chief Superintendent Brown of the Met Counter Terrorism Command Dane isolates and arrests some of the gang and confirms the threat is real. As he races to prevent the attack Rafferty's plans for him are revealed.
Dane must now risk everything to protect his family from Rafferty’s vengeance.
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My Review:-This is Book Two in 'Detective Christine Dane Thrillers'. Liam Rafferty witnessed the murder of his fifteen-year-old brother, Martin when he was eleven-year-old. He always said someone had to pay for it at any cost. Now he's older and he still thinks the same, but will he go through with it?
 It's up to Mick McAuthur, the Republican movement's intelligence chief to stop anything happening, but he knows it's not going to be that easy. I don't want to say much about the book as you have to read to see just how deep it will take you into the story.
 The book is set in the 80's, which at the time Britain and Ireland didn't have a good relationship. The book shows just how much the British Police and Army was hated, especially by the IRA. Especially for what we saw and heard through television, the press and radio.  Having seen first hand through the British army, I found the author Simon Dinsdale doing an excellent job with describing just how life was and seen by so many people. The plot along with the characters worked really well together. It was fast pace and I do hope that Simon has more to come for us.


The Magical Adventures of Diesel The Husky

The Magical Adventures of Diesel The Husky
By Rosie and Perry Tobin
Genre:-Children's Adventure
Publisher:-Blossom Spring Publishing
Blurb:-Join Diesel on his enchanting adventures through the snowy wilderness and into the magical forest, where kindness, friendship, and heroism shine brightly.
 In this captivating children's book series, readers of all ages will be transported to a world filled with wonder and excitement as they follow Diesel and his friends on their thrilling quests.
 Each heart-warming tale is packed with valuable life lessons, promoting the importance of compassion, teamwork, and bravery. Prepare to be whisked away on an exciting journey that will leave you and your little ones spellbound with joy and delight!
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My Review:-My granddaughter and I read this book together. Emily has asked to do the review for this book as she loved it. When I saw the cover of the book it was really nice with Diesel in the snow and the northern lights behind him. Diesel is a husky dog that lives where there is loads of snow. Diesel would howl when he was going on a new adventure to let his friends know. Diesel finds a crystal that has magic powers. When Diesel hears that some other dogs have got lost, it's up to him to find them. The book was easy to read and I enjoyed the story. The pictures are really beautiful with colours that show the magic in the story. I'm looking forward to see what Diesel's next adventure is going to be. 5 stars from Emily and myself.


By Simon Van Booy
Genre:-Fiction: general & literary/Humorous Fiction/Narrative theme; Love & relationships/Narrative theme: Death, Grief, Loss/Narrative theme: Identity/Belonging
Publisher:-Bedford Square Publishers
Blurb:-Following the deaths of her husband and son, Helen Cartwright returns from sixty years in Australia to the English village of her childhood. Her only wish is to die quickly and without fuss.
 Helen retreats into her home on Westminster Crescent, becoming a creature of routine and habit. Then, one cold autumn night, a chance encounter with an abandoned pet mouse on the street outside her house sets Helen on a surprising journey of friendship, and a way back into life itself.
 'Loaded with charm, resilience, and the deep desire for connection that all mammals share. I loved it' Ann Patchett 'Utterly charming and heartwarming' Ruth Hogan, The Keeper of Lost Things
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My Review:-Helen Cartwright spend six decades in Australia, and at the age of 83-years-old, she has returned to her childhood village in England. Now a widow she keeps herself to herself and never bothers anyone. Everyday  is the same, cups of tea in front of the telly, toast and memories of her dead son and husband. The day she noticed that the discarded fish tank the her neighbours had put out, is the day everything changes. Thanks to a little mouse that Helen named 'Sipsworth.' Helen started to go out, the library for books on mouse care, the store for a new home for the mouse and even the hospital because Sipsworth falls ill. Its not long after that the people start to notice Helen and want to help her. This is a lovely story of friendship and love, when you think there is nothing else left for you. 


Summer at Sea Glass Cove

Summer at Sea Glass Cove
By Jenny Kane
Genre:-Women Fiction/Contemporary Romance
Blurb:-Welcome to Sea Glass Cove!
Marine archaeologist Lauren Sunshine is used to life on the go. Her suitcase is always packed ready to explore the country’s underwater heritage so when a shipwreck is found off the Dorset coast, she is thrilled to be leading the excavation team.
 Philippa Silver, ‘Phil’ to the folk of Sea Glass Cove, has devoted her life to the Museum by the Sea. But funding is tight, and despite subletting half of the museum to her best friend Jules's sea glass shop, she fears for the museum’s future.
Phil hopes the wreck discovery could bring more visitors, but there’s a problem – the museum’s too small to house its treasures. Thankfully, new friend Lauren seems as determined as she is to save the museum.
 But, when Phil's brother Ollie catches Lauren's eye, she begins to wonder if she has more than one reason to be interested in life at Sea Glass Cove...
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My Review:-Lauren Sunshine is a marine archaeologist working on a shipwreck off the Dorset Coast, Sea Glass Cove. When Lauren finds a chess set with three pieces missing, she sets about trying to find the missing pieces. Philippa Silver, Phil to the people in Sea Glass Cove is trying to keep the local museum open and is hoping that the find from the shipwreck will do just that. The People Councillors are trying to shut the museum down, but no one knows why. As Lauren starts to make friends in the town, she especially wants to help Phil and tries to help with the museum with the items they have found. It was the only thing that was keeping her here, that was until she meets Ollie, Phil's brother. The story is full of mystery, secrets, romance and more. This is a great book to pop in your bag and find the perfect place by the sea or the pool to read.


Beyond Closed Doors

Beyond Closed Doors
By Heather Peck
Genre:-Crime Fiction
Blurb:-Set in 2020, the narrative tackles the particular difficulties of policing major crime in a pandemic. As Greg says, 'the angry men won't stop being angry. The violent won't suddenly become meek and kind. It's just that instead of it happening on the streets, it'll happen in homes, where we can't see it and can't stop it.'
 Set in the unique landscape of the Norfolk Broads, with warmth, humour and integrity, Greg Geldard and his team try to keep their community safe.
 Book 6 in the award-winning DCI Greg Geldard Norfolk Mystery series.
 The streets may be quiet, but violence lurks beyond closed doors.
 Greg has his challenges. Trying to get Chris to take his marriage proposal seriously is one. Finding the mole who is leaking intelligence from Norfolk Police is another. Add in a pandemic, a knife-wielding nutter with delusions of grandeir and two missing children, and he is going to need all the help he can get.
 Then his parents fall ill with Covid, Chris gets promoted and moves in, complete with her foul-mouthed parrot, Tally
 Life is definitely not dull.
If you enjoy the gripping suspense of Elly Griffiths and the atmospheric settings of L J Ross, you'll love Beyond Closed Doors-Book 6 in the multi-award-winning DCI Geldard Norfolk Mystery series.
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My Review:- This is Book Six in the 'DCI Greg Geldard' series. I've loved the other books in the series, so I was looking forward to see what DCI Geldard was getting up to next. The book starts in 2020, Covid pandemic and restrictions are high on the list. Just as DCI Greg Geldard was trying to ask DS Chris Mathews, they are called into work as there is a leak, but who and why? This isn't going to be easy with everything that's happening in the world. DCI Geldard is asked if his team and himself can find out where the leak is, either at the station or with the Protection Team. It needs sorted out quickly, but only having limit staff at the station means everyone has to work that bit harder. When people start going missing, DCI Geldard starts to think is this linked to the leak, but surely not who they are asked to look into a bit deeper. DC Mathews is also hoping to get a new posting which will make life a bit easier with work. I'm not saying anything more, it's up to you to read and find out. I love everything about Heather's books, she never disappointed yet. Heather's writing style pulls you into the story making you want to read more and having you guessing till the end. I can't wait to see what she has installed for her next book


The Croaking Raven

The Croaking Raven
By Guy Hale
Genre:-Crime Fiction
Publisher:-Bullington Press
Blurb:-DC Toby Marlowe has just landed his dream posting but the quiet streets of Shakespeare's Stratford are about to suffer a reign of terror. A name from the past has returned, intent on revenge. A series of murders go unsolved but Toby realises that the killer seems to be following the plot of Hamlet.
Can Toby and his boss, DS Fred Williams, find the killer before all the actors at the RSC are dead?
 The Croaking Raven doth bellow for revenge.
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My Review:-The story is set in Stratford Upon Avon in the 1970s. DS Fred Williams is teamed up with DC Toby Marlowe, this is Marlowe dream job, where the streets are quiet. Well not for long when Oliver Lawrence returns with revenge on his mind. DS Williams isn't one to follow by the rules to get what he wants, but with DC Marlowe's help can they work together to find out who's behind the series of murders. This book is definitely for you if you like Shakespeare and crime, as well as having a few laughs along the way. I'm looking forward to see what Guy has instore for us next