Alter: A Glitch in the Multiverse

 Have you read the Alter Series yet? A Glitch in the Multiverse by H.R. Truelove is the second book in the series and it's available now. Read on to find out more info!

Alter: A Glitch in the Multiverse
By H.R. Truelove
Publisher:-Midnight Tide Publishing
Blurb:-Laura was born with the ability to jump between worlds, using the power of her mind.
 Finally free of the institutions that stole her youth, Laura is desperate for a normal life. Unfortunately, that's harder than she expected. She can't keep a job, she's failing her college classes, and strange dreams continue to rob her of sleep.
 Just when the dreams turn a little too real, she's approached by a company that claims she's the only thing standing between Earth and the biggest threat in the multiverse.
 The catch? That threat might be hiding inside her mind.
Without much choice, Laura joins a team of unlikely heroes and soon finds that no one can be trusted. Especially not her invisible friends.

Justinian's Daughter


Justinian's Daughter
By Nigel Stewart
Genre:-Psychological (I think haha there's a lot going on)
Publisher:-Provoco Publishing
Blurb:-After arriving for a holiday near the tiny city of St David's comedian Benjamin Budd is consumed by the beauty and mysticism all around him. A seemingly chance encounter with an unnerving stranger called Erin quickly changes his life and he becomes trapped, embroiled in a fatalistic tale of inheritance and bloodlines. He learns of strong women, seeking retribution through generations, proving historic actions have present day consequences.
 A sinister, enigmatic tale of vengeance that leaves the reader wondering where good ends and evil begin...
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Love on the Heart

Love on the Heart
By Kerry Evelyn
Blurb:-Love hopes all things.......
 Jack returns to Crane's Cove with a secret that will change everything.
She thought he was her soulmate-then he left, crushing her hopes for a future together.
Molly Crane's divorce was incredibly painful-a pain so deep she's gone to great lengths to protect her heart. But there was something different about the Cliff Walk Resort's spring hire, and she allowed herself to fall for him. Then he left without a word, breaking her heart all over again. Her family and building her event-planning business give her the stability she needs-until Jack returns, shaking her life to its foundation.
 Jack Dalton, an executive protection specialist and Special Forces veteran, made a big mistake leaving Molly behind. He has the courage to face and enemy, but telling the full truth about his life to a woman with grief equal to his own scared him. He's finally ready to face his feelings and win her back, unless danger and her own fears get in his way.
 Meeting again as the magic of the holidays lights up Crane's Cove, they can't deny their chemistry is as intense as ever. But Jack still has a big secret, and he's already broken her trust once before.
 Can they overcome their heartaches to trust in each other and face the future together? Or will their pasts-and a terrifying threat from Jack's former life-destroy their love before it has a chance to blossom again?
 Love on the Heart is a stand-alone sweet and heartwarming second-chance small-town holiday romance, and the fifth book in the Crane's Cove series. Escape to the Cliff Walk Resort in seaside Maine to fall in love with the town and its inforgettable ensemble cast of characters.
 Author's Note: Contect includes characters discussions and experiences relating to reproductive disorders, infertility, childhood cancer, Down syndrome, human trafficking, organized crime, domestic violence, PTSD, and drug overdose that maybe sensitive to some readers.
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My Review:-Jack had already broken Molly's heart when he left Crane's Cove, but he decides to come back and try's to make things right between them. Will Molly forgive him and try again? There is great personalities in each character apart from maybe a few, which I wasn't to sure of.  Even though I thought this was a quick read the author still paid attention to detail of the characters and the story. it was well wrote. If you love second chance romance, you can get the full series on Amazon Kindle and you won't be disappointed.

Samvida and the Purse of Gold

Samvida and the Purse of Gold
By Paterson Loarn
Genre:-Crime Fiction
Blurb:-she married for love. Now it's all about the money. After the mysterious death of the founder of a family finance firm, his naive widowed bride is caught up in a web of corruption spanning two continents and three decades. Will Samvida discover the truth about her husband in time to save her own life?
Newly married VIDA is branded a gold-digger in the media, although she genuinely loves and trusts her wealthy older husband URBAN EDELD/ After Urban's unexplained death, his firm EDELDICO is thrown into confusion and it's corrupt deals risk exposure. Urban's nephew and business partner LUCAN employs a sex film made without Vida's knowledge to try to blackmail her into giving up her inheritance, fearing for her life, she flees from a luxurious penthouse to an impoverished district undergoing regeneration. Reinventing herself as homeless SAM, and finds work at a community hub. She thinks she has found a haven, but she is surrounded by dark forces? from her late husband's past. Who is watching her? Can she trust her entrepreneurial new friends? Before she can take control of her own life and rescue the family firm, SAMVIDA must herself be enslaved and walk in the shadow of death.
 The novel highlights the need to empower young women to defeat sexual bulling and fulfil their potential. It also explores the effects on urban and natural environments of money-laundering, and the resulting seduction of young men into criminal activities. The action unfolds in Portugal and continues in London UK. Key encounters take place in neglected corners of the cityscape. Locations include Edeldico's headquarters in the city, a seaside town near Lisbon, a back street cafe, a community garden and an illegal waste disposal site in the English Midlands. The violent resolution takes place at an abandoned ranch in Brazil.
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My Review:-This wasn't an easy book to read as some parts weren't what I expected, But I think it did need to be said. The way this book has been wrote, it shows that the author has done a lot of research and has thought what needed to be said. There is everything from love, betrayal, corruption and a lot more in this story. The treatment these women go through and how much of it is covered up and not talked about, Paterson has put in this book. Thank You



By Shauna Richmond
Genre:-Dark Romance/Murder Mystery, 18+
Blurb:-I didn't do it!
 It took five years, two failed hits and several trips to the infirmary later for Joe to finally listen to me.
 now I'm sitting in protective custody, staring at a murder board, wondering whose time I'm serving,
I'm prepared to fight, hell, I'm even prepared to die, it beats going back to prison.
 What I'm not prepared for, is the truth.
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My Review:-I know that there has been a book before this one but I haven't read it, so this is my first. The story is about Eabha, she's was sent to prison for a murder, that she didn't do and there's only Joe a Garda that believes she didn't do it and she is innocent. After fighting this for over 5 years Will she be able to prove her innocence? The only thing that might help her prove she didn't kill Tommy is one of his associates is now dead, is there a connection to this death and Tommy's?  The only person that can help her is Joe, but what can he do to help?
 Personally I want to read "Screw It" and then read this one again, as there was times I wasn't sure about things. It did move at a good pace and there are twist and turns. Oh and thank you for the pronunciation in the Author notes as I thought I was saying the names right but of course I wasn't.

A Fae is Done

Welcome back to the Veil friends, and congratulations to Danielle M. Orsino on the release of A Fae is Done!
Read on to find out more!

A Fae is Done (Birth of the Fae #5)
By Danielle M. Orsino
Genre:-Epic Fantasy\Fae
Blurb:-Prophecies broken hearts, secrets, and scars. Bodies delivered on the wings of butterflies.
After Queen Aurora's execution, the Court of Light falls into political unrest. The riots continue as new Queen Sekhmet takes her long-planned agenda into action. Meanwhile, King Jarok attempts to remedy his heartache but ends up divulging suspicions he has held close for centuries instead.
 Alliances shift as dark mysteries bubble to the surface, but a prophecy reading brings a ray of hope. Unfortunately for others, it foretells certain doom. The oracles speak of a future child who will unite the Fae courts and bring karmic retribution. Unlikely heroes will be forced together by fate, while unexpected enemies are revealed. There are Fae in both courts who have plenty to hide. Some would kill to keep their secrets. Some are willing to die for them.
Visit Danielle M. Orsino's official website at http://www.BirthOfTheFae.com
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A Court at Constantinople

 A Court at Constantinople
By Anthony Earth
Blurb:-It is dangerous for lawyers and lovers when civilisations clash.
Under coercion, James Bingham, a struggling English barrister, joins Her Britannic Majesty's Supreme Consular Court at Constantinople. Osman Mehmed, a brilliant Turkish law student, loathes the British court, but the Ottoman government orders him to work with it on legal reform. Angry about injustices that women suffer, Rosamund Colborne initiates a relationship with James to escape a grim future dictated by her ruthless father.
 The court's cases and the courtship's twists intertwine the fates of Mehmed, James and Rosamund and force each to question what love and justice mean. With the Ottoman and British empires increasingly at odds, power, prejudice, and passions endanger the court, the heart's desires, and the relationship between the European and Islamic civilisations.
 At this precarious moment, a brutal crime threatens to destroy what law and affection have created. The trail reveals shocking secrets, and its violent end rouses courage by Rosamund, James and Mehmed to see justice done and love prevail.
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