Christmas Card To Make

Well it's that time of the year when everyone wants Christmas Cards made, just made 1500 for the Breast Cancer and now my sister-in-law wants 100 made for her bussiness, half in English and the other in Italian, i've stamped Snowmen with Italian scalves on (so had to sit and colour them all in).



> ----------------------
> Her hair was up in a pony tail,
> Her favorite dress tied with a bow.
> Today was Daddy's Day at school,
> And she couldn't wait to go.
> But her mommy tried to tell her,
> That she probably should stay home.
> Why the kids might not understand,
> If she went to school alone.
> But she was not afraid;
> She knew just what to say.
> What to tell her classmates
> Of why he wasn't there today.
> But still her mother worried,
> For her to face this day alone.
> And that was why once again,
> She tried to keep her daughter home.
> But the little girl went to school
> Eager to tell them all.
> About a dad she never sees
> A dad who never calls.
> There were daddies along the wall in back,
> For everyone to meet.
> Children squirming impatiently,
> Anxious in their seats
> One by one the teacher called
> A student from the class.
> To introduce their daddy,
> As seconds slowly passed.
> At last the teacher called her name,
> Every child turned to stare.
> Each of them was searching,
> A man who wasn't there.
> 'Where's her daddy at?'
> She heard a boy call out.
> 'She probably doesn't have one,'
> Another student dared to shout.
> And from somewhere near the back,
> She heard a daddy say,
> 'Looks like another deadbeat dad,
> Too busy to waste his day.'
> The words did not offend her,
> As she smiled up at her Mom.
> And looked back at her teacher,
> Who told her to go on.
> And with hands behind her back,
> Slowly she began to speak.
> And out from the mouth of a child,
> Came words incredibly unique.
> 'My Daddy couldn't be here,
> Because he lives so far away.
> But I know he wishes he could be,
> Since this is such a special day.
> And though you cannot meet him,
> I wanted you to know.
> All about my daddy,
> And how much he loves me so.
> He loved to tell me stories
> He taught me to ride my bike.
> He surprised me with pink roses,
> And taught me to fly a kite.
> We used to share fudge sundaes,
> And ice cream in a cone.
> And though you cannot see him.
> I'm not standing here alone.
> 'Cause my daddy's always with me,
> Even though we are apart
> I know because he told me,
> He'll forever be in my heart'
> With that, her little hand reached up,
> And lay across her chest.
> Feeling her own heartbeat,
> Beneath her favorite dress.
> And from somewhere here in the crowd of dads,
> Her mother stood in tears.
> Proudly watching her daughter,
> Who was wise beyond her years.
> For she stood up for the love
> Of a man not in her life.
> Doing what was best for her,
> Doing what was right.
> And when she dropped her hand back down,
> Staring straight into the crowd.
> She finished with a voice so soft,
> But its message clear and loud.
> 'I love my daddy very much,
> he's my shining star.
> And if he could, he'd be here,
> But heaven's just too far.
> You see he is a British soldier
> And died just this past year
> When a roadside bomb hit his convoy
> And taught Britains to fear.
> But sometimes when I close my eyes,
> it's like he never went away.'
> And then she closed her eyes,
> And saw him there that day.
> And to her mother's amazement,
> She witnessed with surprise.
> A room full of daddies and children,
> All starting to close their eyes.
> Who knows what they saw before them,
> Who knows what they felt inside.
> Perhaps for merely a second,
> They saw him at her side.
> 'I know you're with me Daddy,'
> To the silence she called out.
> And what happened next made believers,
> Of those once filled with doubt.
> Not one in that room could explain it,
> For each of their eyes had been closed.
> But there on the desk beside her,
> Was a fragrant long-stemmed rose.
> And a child was blessed, if only for a moment,
> By the love of her shining star.
> And given the gift of believing,
> That heaven is never too far.
> Send this to the people you'll never forget and
> Remember to send it also to the person that sent
> It to you. It's a short message to let them know
> That you'll never forget them.
> If you don't send it to anyone, it means you're
> in a hurry and that you've forgotten your
> friends.
> Take the live and love.
> Until eternity. God bless!

This made me cry, and think what Heros do for us x


New Baby

Hi All, well my daughter had our lovely little Granddaughter on 12th October 2009 at 5.19am. She such a peach she was 6lb 15ozs, but is really small we've had to get 3lb baby clothes for her as nothing fit her that her Mammy had bought for her.
Sophie's big brother Thoma loves her and thinks she should be kissed all the time.


Breast Cancer

Evening, just been asked if i'll make another 50 invites for the Breast Cancer Lunch, i've already made 200, but not enough still more needed. Best of all they are all hand stamped, so i better get started soon.

Our little girl Megan is in hospital, she got rushed in yesterday and is on oxygen, waiting to hear what's happening. x


Busy Working Hard

Morning All, well i'm going to have a busy weekend, i haven't got my Grandson so i'm going to catch up with everything i need to do Birthday Cards, ATCs, Friendship Cards and many more. We have a birthday party to go to this afternnon, Andrew(hubby) will be taken the kids so i can keep going with my cards.
Our oldest daughter Nikki still hasn't had her baby yet even though her waters have broke and she keeps having pains, She's only 32 weeks, but the doctors have said that if she hasn't had it before 6th Oct they will deliever for her as she's not allowed to go anymore with no waters. Keep checking and i'll keep you up to date
love Paula x


Birthday Card for Our Son Of His Grandparents

Having to make a Birthday card for our son off his Grandparents, i wanted it to be something special as he loves Newcastle United and Bobby Robson was his hero, so i came up with this one


A Soldiers Poem

Repatriation - By Ssgt Andy McFarlane
The leviathan of the sky does land,In England 's green and pleasant land
Its cargo more precious than gold,The body of a hero, bold
Once the giant's engines stopped,The cargo ramp is gently dropped
Carried by six on shoulders true,The hero is saluted by the crew
The coffin draped in Union Jack,Is slowly carried out the back
Out of the dark and into light,Slowly down the ramp and to the right
The six approach the hearse all black,And place the hero gently in the back
The six then turn and march away,Their duty has been done this day
Politicians usually have much to say,No sign of them near here this day.
They hide away and out of danger,Much easier if the hero is a stranger
The hearse with its precious load,Moves slowly out onto the road
The floral tributes line the route,While comrades snap a smart salute
At the edge of a Wiltshire town,The cortege slows its pace right down
The streets are packed, many deep,Some throw flowers, most just weep
The crowd have come to say farewell,The church bell rings a low death knell
Regimental standards are lowered down,As the hero passed through the town
The cortege stops and silence reigns,The towns folk feel the family's pain.
The nations' flag lowered to half mast,Our brave hero is home at last.
Please pass it to other people, love Paula x


Morning All (well morning for some of us)

Well still not asleep, would to be one of these people that can sleep for 8 hours or more, i have been asleep for a hour, but been awake since 12.30am and won't be back to sleep now till tonight.
We're having a count down in our house with the litle ones until we go on holiday only 5 more sleeps (can't wait). Going to Scotland to meet some of the family we've never met before only found them as i'm doing the family tree (my dad's side) and found about 50 all living around and about the same place, so been keeping in contact with them and now meeting them.


Had A Look

Hi, just been sorting through everything i got yesterday from a very kind lady and God i got alot, 5 sets of C&C card kits unopened, 3 sets that had been opened but not used, a loads of papers and card.
I'm going to sort out some bit for her granddaughter who has just stared making jewelly and make a special thank you card. x


Some Cards

Here's a few of my cards

Hi All

Hi All you crafts and those who aren't. Had a really good day, got loads and loads of craft things given from an old lady who was down sizing and thought i could do something with them x


Morning All

Morning all, not had a bad weekend, kids have been great since they broke up from school, but there's time yet.
Just in the middle of making a card for my friends 40th birthday, half card and half parchment. Decided to make a large card and put parchment in the middle. Once finished i will put it on for you all to see. x


Kids Off School

Good morning, Second day of the school holidays and i have a day to myself, hubby's out with Makenzy(youngest 5 year old) and the big ones have took the others out for the day. Not sure what to do, i need to do some cards, ATCs and i a scrapebook for next month for the in-laws for there Annv. xx


Being Doing A Craft Day

Hi All, Been to a great craft day it started at 9am and finished at 4pm, all this for £20. We did a bag and a butterfly to go on it and then made a album using Glimmer Mist, that was in the morning and we did make and take things in the afternoon, i'll be putting my things on tomorrow to show you all.x


Evening all, spent some money today on craft thing (had to have them), got papers, punchs, 2 stamps, peel offs and a new snowflake die for my bigshot.
Going to do a all day craft day tomorrow, going to learn how to use Glitter Mists the right way, I know we are making an album but not sure what else, I'll put what I make on here once I do it.

Oh my Croc-A-Dail broken today while doing presents for the teacher, I've sent an email to see what I should do, as the shop I got it from closed down at christmas.
This is what it looks like now


Card Class 25th June 2009

Here's a few cards I made with my class


Just Getting Sorted

Well hi all, just getting sorted, did a class last night for a friend as she's in hospital recovering from an op and now getting everything together to do my class this afternoon.

Last night everyone enjoyed the class as we did alot of stamping (took a stacker full of stamps), thing only one person made a card. The class i do today is mostly old ladies who came for a natter, only one has made cards before, so it's really nice as i can do anything and know they have never done it before, one lady made 2 cards last week and was over the moon that she had done them.

Bye for now love Paula x