Evening Crafty Friends and Followers old and new, thank you for popping over and seeing what I've been up to. I haven't wrote for a couple of days as I have been bad, my Fibro decided to kick in bad, but I feel great today.
I have just finished doing 75 invites for a family member who's daughter is having a 13th birthday party, so Andrew is dropping them off after picking the children up from school. I just finished making a card, it was a download that I've had for a while but never made it up, I think it's a cute card for a little girl.


More Bits

Evening, Thank You for my birthday wishes.  Well that's everyone away home now, so can have a nice cuppa and read my cards, got more money and craft goodies, so going shopping tomorrow, I'll let you know what I get. We've got our oldest son, his partner and our Grandson coming tomorrow tea time as our son had to work late tonight, so more pressies :)
I've just printed off all the invite I have to make, cut them all to size and punched the corners, I hard part now having to matt and layer them onto 2 lots of card, there's only 80 to do, not many.

I've Been Spoilt

Hello Crafty Friends and Followers, I'm having a lovely day, been spoilt already and got the older children and Grandchildren coming at teatime. Andrew got me a gorgeous bunch of flowers and a lovely vase to put them in,  a new Advance Tape Glider Kit with 6 refills, money, a new wireless floor lamp (so I can have it next to my bed), wine, sweets, a plant in a big cup and saucer, books and book vouchers,  that's before the family come tonight. I feel so lucky to have wonderful family and friends.
This is a card I made last week,
I would like to enter into the following challenges - Anything Goes - Anything Goes


If You would Like

Evening Crafty Friends and Followers old and new, I would just like to say because of the great feedback I've had on my Candi Flowers, I have decided that if anyone would like a sample (as it always helps to see what you have to do) please drop me a line either on Facebook or email me at, I'm only to happy to send 1 out to you.
Today I've been playing with invites that I have been asked to make. The details were simple, white, blue and a touch of silver but nothing fancy, so this is what I came up with and she loves them all, she just needs to decide.


Thank You First

Hello Crafty Friends and Followers new and old, I would just like to say Thank You to everyone that has left me a comment on my Step by Step on making candi dot flowers, it was the first time I have done anything like that on my blog, I will now be doing some more.
Woke up during the night to find it snowing heavy. We have about 2" at the minute and it's started snowing again, so no going out for me as my wheelchair doesn't like the snow, saying that I don't like going out in it anyway.
It's quiet today in the house as the Grandchildren are away to there Dad's house for a sleep over and Makenzy's away to a party, so Megan and I decided to do a bit of crafting and this is what we have done
These 2 cards are Megan's cards

I wanted to do something clean and simple so I did this
I would like to enter this card into the following challenge - A For Anythings With Wings


Been Playing

Morning crafty friends and Followers, I've been up early with the Grandchildren, so I thought I would have a play and Sophie (3) has been helping me. I thought I would make some flowers using Candy Dots, it's not hard, the only thing is it is a bit fiddly.

To make these flowers you will need 1 to 11/2 inch circles, (I used a punch to do mine), candy dots, tweezers and PVA glue.  Start by covering the circle with PVA glue, it's best if you do a few all together. Start by putting 2 candy dots in the middle, you need to bend the candy dots round the end of the tweezers, as shown

Now you start from the outside edge, pick the candy dot up with the tweezers, with the tweezers tip in the middle of the candy dot twist the candy dot around the tweezers as shown

Do the twisting with all the candy dots you are using for the flower.
Lie the candy dots around the outside edge of the circle, once you have done the outside edge start going around again moving closer and closer to the middle of the flower.

This is the finished flower.

I hope you like my flowers and have a try and let me know how you did


Evening All

Evening Crafty Friends and Followers, hope everyone's been enjoying the day, it's been a bit cold here today, not that I've been outside it's just what Andrew said. I've not been in long as I've been doing my class. Tonight's went really well, can't believe we've made 3 cards, sometimes we don't even get 1 card finished never mind 3 (think on them days we do more talking than working lol). I have took some pics of the cards the ladies have made tonight.

 Susan's card

 Cath's card
 Cath's card
 Teresa's card
Ruth's card



Afternoon Crafty Friends and Followers, helloooo had a really good couple of days, we have our oldest daughter and grandchildren home with us at the minute, so it's not quiet at all. Been playing around doing a bit of all sorts at the minute. We've had the men finishing our bathroom so we now have a bathroom we can use, dying for a hot shower.
After everyone asking to see the rest of the blanket, I have took a few pics of the other blankets I have made as the other one has been sold and sent away.

I have made this card for my daughter-in-law's birthday, she loves black and white and so I thought of this.


Kids Love It

Hello Crafty Friends and Followers, I hope you all have had a wonderful weekend and had time to get a bit of crafting done, no matter what sort you do.
I've been asked to do another baby blanket for a baby boy, so that's what I've been doing today, I've not knitted for a few days, but managed to finish the blanket. I've used Rico Mini Pom Pom wool, it makes a lovely soft blanket. I made about 20 last year and this was my second one this year. I added blue and white ribbon and a train button to finish it off.
We still haven't any shower, so Andrew came up with the idea of getting a big builders rubble bucket from B & Q. Megan and Makenzy love it so much as you can see

The school holidays start tomorrow so plenty of crafting will be getting done.
Thank You to everyone who has read my blog and I would love to know what you think, x


Evening Crafty friends and Followers, I hope everyone has had a good day. My days been a bit of this and that. We had the men come and plaster the bathroom wall and then someone else came and put a skim on the floor, ready to put the new flooring down next week (so still no bathroom until then). While I had that Andrew had to go to hospital for an ECG as we just found out he has Sarcoidosis, which isn't good but we are just waiting to see the specialist next week to see how far on it is, but until then Andrew has to take it easy, which isn't easy as he's my full time carer and having children (I keep telling him we'll all mange together  but he just tells me it's his job to look after us all).
I have made 2 cards today, I played around with a few of my CDs and a design program and came up with these.


Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines day to all my Crafty Friends and Followers, I hope you have all had a lovely day and been doing something nice. I've had a really good day making cards, I've made 3, but can only show you 2 as 1 is a DT card for next month. I've made a Valentine card for Andrew, which he loved, He didn't know I had made him one as I hadn't done it till today while he was out. My second card was a card I had made for a swap, it's going to Sweden.
Andrew bought me 4 bunches of flowers while he was out, I love them. I love having flowers in the house especially when I'm having to spend time in bed with my Fibromyalgia playing up, so I have a big vase of flowers on the draws at the bottom of my bed, looks lovely.
Megan got asked today by a friends mam when was she going to start taking birthday card orders as she loved the card Megan had made, I told her to tell her that it's £2 a card and she could save the money for something she wants.
Here are 2 of the cards I've made today.
I would like to enter this card in the following challenges - Anything Goes - One For The Girls

 This is the one I've made for a card swap to go to Sweden.

This is the card I made for Andrew
I would like to enter this card in to the following challenges - Love and/or Hearts - Valentine/Hearts - Romance Is In The Air - Love and Romance


Snow Again

Evening Crafty Friends and Followers, what's with all this snow again, thought we had enough of it with the last lot, but doesn't look like it. Megan enjoyed herself today, but was a bit upset as Alan Shearer didn't come after all because of the weather, but she's going to be in the papers and she met plenty of other people.
I haven't made any cards today, had a lazy day lying on my bed, felt I needed a rest.
Megan and Makenzy have both made cards for tomorrow, Megan made 1 and Makenzy made 2.
Makenzy's cards for school
 Megan's card for school


No Shower Again

Hello Crafty Friends and Followers, as you can see from the header "No shower again" the men came this morning and took up all our bathroom floor again, wouldn't mind but they only finished our bathroom in Oct last year and now this. Whoever layed the floor didn't do it right and water has been getting underneath and the flooring started to lift. We now have to wait till the floor drys out, then we need someone to plaster our bathroom walls again as damp has got in and the plaster is all coming off.
Haven't made a card today, thought I would tidy and sort some of my craft things out and found some more goodies I had forgot about. I now can get to more of my craft things as Andrew (hubby) has put a bookcase in our bedroom so I could put craft things on, saves him having to hunt in the cupboard for thing when I ask. Going to have a look at the craft shop tomorrow so you never know I might find something I need.

This is the bookcase Andrew got for me, he also got another one, just not sure where I'm putting it yet.


Just A Quicky

Evening Crafty Friends and Followers,  using my phone to write this so hope it works never done it like this before.  Been working on DT cards today managed to get 3 done 1 more to do. Got men coming in the morning to take my bathroom floor up, only been down since Oct last year, but whoever put it down didn't do it right and there has be a leak under the flooring somewhere, now all the flooring has lifted. Going to do some more cards tomorrow while they do the bathroom need something to keep me busy.                                                                                                                Megan's found out she's going to meet Alan Shearer at St James Park at 11.30am on Wednesday and she'll be having dinner and pics taking, she's full of it.                                                                             No cards to add tonight as I'm using my phone and I know I'm not that good to add pics.


Great News

Evening Crafty Friends and Followers, we've been out this afternoon to a "pancake celebrations" it is for the children at our local coffee shop, They learnt why we have pancake day (something new for us as well, as we didn't know lol), they played games and then everyone had pancakes. Megan and Makenzy really enjoyed themselves.

Just had a text message from Megan's school to say she's been picked out of the whole school to go and meet Alan Shearer on 13th Feb to launch the Gregg's Cancer Run 2013 that they are doing at school. She's been jumping up and down, she's really happy. She only put her form in on Friday to say she wanted to do the run, so it's a surprise for us all.
I haven't made a card today so I thought I would look through my folder of cards and see what I could show you and came up with these


Worn Out

Hello and welcome Crafty Friends and Followers, Hope you have all had great days and doing what you love best, Crafting. We've had our Grandchildren today, (Thomas and Sophie), Thomas wasn't feeling to well when he got here so lay next to me on the bed, but once Granda asked who wanted juice and a biscuit he felt a lot better. I got a black bag full of Christmas cards (off Peter Pan a charity I make cards for), they sent them so I could go through them all and see if there was any that I wanted and use out of them, couldn't believe how many (everyone bring their old Christmas cards in and put them in a box then I get them all). Sophie thought it was great helping me go through them and cutting bits off them to keep for this Christmas, she's even ended up going home with a bag of Christmas card that she liked, (she's only 3).
 Sometimes it's nice to go through my craft CDs and that's want I did this morning to make this card.


Evening All

Hi Crafty Friends and Followers, hope you have all had a lovely day and managed to get a bit of crafting in. I went to my Healthy Living Program this morning, Andrew (hubby) has been going with me and he's lost a stone in 6 weeks, which I think is great, I've got to wait to find out if I have until they have the scale for my wheel chair.
This afternoon I had a play around with some of my craft stuff and ended up with this

I would like to enter this to the following challenge - Anything Goes


What A Day

Evening Crafty Friends and Followers, hope you've all a better day than I have had today. It makes me think where do North Tyneside Council (kier) get the workers from. Had them out today for the damp we have and we were told..... wait for's because we have furniture against the wall, not sure where you should put your furniture. The man said just wash your walls down and move the furniture of the walls. In the bathroom that was only finished in Oct last year all the flooring has started to lift, so need someone out for that, (but it's nothing to do with the damp, according to the council today, even though we have damp in there as well, but as the council said everyone has damp in the bathroom).  On the good side just had a brand new front door fitted and it works great for me, (it's auto, push the button and it open's for me).
Been doing a bit of all sorts today while we've had workmen in, I crochet another 2 lavender bags (need them at the minute with the damp), I've been asked to make another baby blanket using Rico Baby Pom Pom (in blue and white), I'm enjoying knitting them again, I made about 25 last year for friends and family. I also made a card.
Here are some pics of today

 Damp on one of the units we only bought in Oct
 Crochet Lavender Bag
 Bathroom Flooring
A quick Birthday card for a friend's daughter

Have a lovely evening and also a lovely tomorrow


Moving Around

Hello all my Crafty Friends and Followers new and old, been moving our bedroom around today, (I enjoyed doing it). Now I have a unit with a desk in the middle and shelves above desk and storage down one side,(both now full with craft things, so now when I can't sleep for one reason or another I can sit and craft. Can't believe how much rubbish I have thrown out, as well as how much new craft stuff I have found, going to have fun playing with it. Been going through some old craft mags, I've taken bits out that I wanted to keep and I'll give the mags to my craft ladies to look at for ideas. I have 2 friends coming tomorrow to do some crafting with me, looking forward to it, it will be nice to have someone to craft with (well if we get any done with all the talking and catching up we need to do), haven't seen them this year.

Haven't done any crafting today with moving our bedroom around, but I had this card from the other day,


Lovely Day

Evening Crafty Friends and Followers, had a good day, this morning we went out with the in-laws for lunch which was a lovely surprise, we thought we were just going for a cuppa.
When I came home I decided to make a "Thank You" card for a friend and a great way to use up some of the things Megan, Makenzy and I did yesterday. It's amazing how something so simple can make a card by adding a bit of ribbon and some words.


We've Enjoyed Playing

Evening Crafty Friends and Followers, hope you've all had a lovely day playing with your craft things. I've had a great day, I made another scarf, black and white this time. After dinner Makenzy and I sat playing with my embossing folders, (didn't think I had so many, but guess what?... there are still some I haven't got). Then after tea Megan and I played with my dies, I just sat cutting loads of different ones out. I have found some lovely cards made from die cuts while looking around Pinterest tonight.

                                                        This is the scarf I've made

                                                                  Embossing folders

                                                                            Die cuts


Had Our Grandson This Morning

Hello Crafty Friends and Followers, I hope you have all had a lovely day and managed to get some crafting done. We had a lovely visit off our oldest son, daughter in law and our gorgeous grandson. He's growing so much, He might only be 3 months but he was full of it today. Harvey sat on my knee talking to everyone that looked his way or spoke to him, he is such a pleasant baby we only ever hear him cry when he's hungry. He was going swimming for the first time today, so dying to see some pics of him in the pool. Lee (our son) had brought Harvey's invites over for his Christening on Mother's Day, when they booked it they didn't know it was Mother's Day, so another excuse to go out and buy some more goodies for him, saying that Andrew went shopping this afternoon and brought back 2 packs of Pampers and a pack of swimmer nappies for him.
 I've never made a card today, as I put my back out just after the family left, I turned to put my cup of juice on the unit beside where I sit and that was it. I have made something, can't just sit around and do nothing so I knitted a scarf for my cousin and then one for my Mum and now I'm knitting for Harvey.
Here is one of the scarves I have made.