Thursday 29th December 2011

Afternoon, well Christmas day has come and gone, but it still feels like it is in our house. Megan and Makenzy got lots of playmobil and i've became the build, we have it all set out in the sitting room and they are enjoying it.
We have been offered a 3 bedroom bungalow in Shiremoor, we have seen the outside but not the inside as yet, if the inside in ok we will be moving, hopefully by the end of Jan 2012. We hope to get the keys about 3rd Jan 2012 and then go and have a good look around, to see if the things we have will fit.
Well has Santa been good to you, he has to me, Andrew bought me a tablet which i love, it's so nice when i'm awake during the night that i have something so small to use and i can find anything i need to on it, got loads of other presents.


great free template

if your looking for something new in the form of 3D look no further than here:-

◦Santa's Magical Sleigh
◦card making template
◦Card Carousel


Saturday 15th October

Morning, hope everyone's had a good week and a relaxing weekend. Got a bit to do this weekend, got to sort cards out for 2 classes, a profilo to hand in as i've been asked to do some more classes in the community (looking forward to that).
My little Granddaughter was 2 on Wednesday and she was spoilt with everything she got, her mam said she only needed clothes, so i bought her loads of clothes and no birthday is complete without toys so we bought her some Peppa Pig toys, she loves anything to do with Peppa Pig.
Andrew, Megan and Makenzy are away out to help at "Peter Pan 50th Birthday" (it's a charity for children/adults who never grow up) i made a pile of cards for them to sale to raise money to help them out.
Postie's just been and brought me some more Copic Sketch pens, got 10 last week and another 10 this week, at the moment Sirstampalot have them on offer for £3.50 and on a Friday they do a freebie, if you spend over £35 you get a freebie. last week i got a set of Santa stamps and this week i got Magnolia "Dancing Queen Tilda", couldn't pass that one as i love Magnolia stamps.


Saturday 8th October

Evening All, had a busy week, and plenty more to do next week.
Being sitting colouring in my Magnolia Tilda and Edwin images, so i have plenty done to make cards, means i can pick which ever i feel like doing.
Going to be making cards for "Peter Pan 50th birthday" Peter Pan is a group of mam's that have decided to set up a group for the children/adults that never grow up (that's why they picked the name, as Peter Pan never grow up).
We've been having our grandchildren Thomas and Sophie on a Monday and Tuesday so i don't get much done on them day.


Sunday 2nd October 2011

Evening, what a weekend i've had. Andrew decided to change rooms around this weekend and that ment my craftroom as well, so i've got a new craftroom, almost finished by tomorrow it will be all done. Can't wait till i can start crafting again in my own room, it's not the same trying to do it in the dinning room, you always forget something and have to stop until you get it (or in my place until someone gets it for me).
Got cards to make for birthdays for the family, a special one for our granddaughters 2nd birthday on 12th Oct, and going to make some candles up presents for Christmas, also got to make somethings up The Peter Pan's 50th Birthday (it's a place that was set up for children who never grow up, they get no help and rely on peoples help)on 15th Oct.


Saturday 24th Sept 2011

Morning Everyone, had a busy week, had hospital, doctors, OT and my new hoist delivered. Got my new hoist delivered yesterday so it will help Andrew, as it can move me for chair to chair etc depending where i want to go, get a ceiling one for the upstairs, but got to wait for that one (but it is getting there slowly).
Haven't had time to do much this week, have made a Betty Boop birthday card, Tilda christmas card and 2 other christmas cards. Must get Andrew's birthday card made for 27th Sept, just not sure what i want to do just yet, thought i'll have a look around on blogs and pages today for some ideas.
Lets see what i find


Sunday 18th September 2011

Afternoon, haven't done any crafting this weekend as not having a good weekend. In bed as I write this, had a bad night, pain really bad today. Can't really craft anyway at the minute, Andrew's decided to swap kids bedrooms around and also move my craft room around so it will be easier for me, Haven't looked not sure if I should lol. I'm missing not being able to craft, think it's the only think that stops me from getting to stressed (well we do have 9 kids and 3 grandchildren, so need something)lol.
Anyway had a busy week, had a meeting on Monday with Council about the community centre I teach at and then we had 2 big meeting on Thursday with Council, Planning and people in the area about the new community that we are getting built, very nice and posh. We will not have it for 15 months and having to work from different location, which hasn't been easy with the old ladies that do the keep fit, I have found a room in the local school for them, but the time and day has had to be changed.


Tuesday 13th Sept

Evening, had a busy day today, i've had to make 13 cards for my mother in-law for tomorrow, i'm glad most of them were just one layer cards as she has to post them, i don't mind doing them, but i never feel like i've done much and don't really like making them like that as i always feel like there is something missing (embellishments, flowers, gems, pins etc).
Thinking about popping along to my local craft shop Papercuts, in Whitley Bay tomorrow as there having a demo day 10.00am till 4.00pm, so there will be plenty going on.


Quick Note

Just a quick note, we had a new member of the family born this week, our 3rd grandchildren. Baby Kevin was born on Wednesday 7th August 2011 at 2.30pm at RVI Hospital he was 6lb 6oz

Sunday 11th August 2011

What a long day it has been, feel like i have been up for ever lol. been play with my distress ink and Makenzy (my 7 year old) asked if he could have a play as well so i let him and he's made some papers that he's going to use and his handmade cards he makes, they are drying at the moment but one dried i will put pics up of what he has done.
I need to start and get some Christmas cardsdone, have so many to do for myself and for my sister in-laws business i did them last year and everyone was please with what they got that i've been asked to do them again. I think they thought it had a personal as i put the greeting inside both in English and in Italian (as my sister in-law is married to an italian and the business is also Italian.
Well teatime now and the children want something special for tea, not that i know what is specail as when i asked what was my youngest Makenzy asked for Chicken soup and Megan asked for beans and sausages (nothing special in that to me) lol.


And More

I bought some tags in different and had a play with them and came up with these

8th Sept 2011

Back of my holidays 4 weeks in North Wales and enjoyed every minute of it, we had great weather and the kids just love being on a farm, learning how to milk the cow and seeing a calf being born topped it all.
While i was away i made a few cards (magnolia Tilda and Edwin ones), so i thought i would share a few with you


Evening All, well we are grandparents again to a lovley little boy Kevin born 7th September 2011 at 2.30pm at 6lb 6oz. Mammy and Baby doing welcome.


Sunday 26th June 2011

Another lovely day, sun shine and hot outside. Decided i'm going to do so cards today for myself, i've been doing so many for my classes at the shop and to promote the new products that the shop is getting in. I got some new Tilda and Edwin stamps and been waiting for a excuse to use them and todays the day.


Busy Week

Where do i start, I've had such a busy week, with children being off school, bank holidays, Grandchildren, classes and shop, oh and hubby lol.
Having our lovely Grandchildren for the weekends is so nice and i enjoy seeing them playing. Did 2 children's classes yesterday and the children loved it, had girls in the morning (well apart from Makenzy) so we made flowers and put them in a tube that they made into a vase, it's so nice to see all the different coloured flowers and everyone was different.
The shop PAPERCUTS LTD is doing really good, hope the website will be up and running this week coming, more orders coming in. I've been making loads of cards for the shop to promote the products, think it helps people if they can get some ideas of what they can make with the things before buying.
Be putting some pics of what i've been up to tomorrow


crads for the shop

Helping Out

Evening All, i have been ask to help a friend in her craft shop Papercuts Ltd, i will doing classes (first one tomorrow with easel cards) and also on the Design Team.
My class are going to be different each time, upto now i have easel cards, shaped cards, peel offs and many more. I have been making cards for the shop and the pages on Facebook. I think thr shop is great (not just because i'm working there), all the local craft shops have closed around the area, so having a new is just what we needed. She stocks a wide selection of crafting goods and will also order anything you need and she hasn't got in the shop, which i think is a great thing as we all want something a shop doesn't sell. If you like to join her Facebook page it's Papercuts Ltd, it shows things she sells and other items you may want, there is card ideas in the gallery.
I'll let you know how tomorrow goes, really looking forward to it.


Can't Wait

Morning All, well I'm now out of hospital and trying to get back to normal (whatever that is lol). Didn't have a very nice time in hospital and a bit of a shock, I went in with pains in my stomach and was told it was a infection and discharged after a week, then ended back in after only 3 days to find out it wasn't an infection, I had a blockages, so went down for my op, told it would be a 30 minutes, but ended up 3 1/2 hours, in which Andrew (hubby) wasn't told this and was worried sick as I wasn't out after 30 miutes and nobody to say why. When I came out I was told there had remove half of my bowel as it was twisted and I had 4 blockages and they did start with keyhole, but ended up with a full op, cut from my right side across to my belly button (not very comfortable).
That was a week ago, my holes from the keyhole are healing great, but not my large cut, they think I might be getting an infection, so having it done everyday to keep an eye on it.
I've done loads of colouring in images for cards, but can't sit at my desk at the minute to make cards (which i'm itching to do).


Megan's 8th Birthday Cake

Hi, just thought I would add a pic of Megan's birthday cake I made today. I've never made a birthday cake before, so i was suprised at how it has turned out. I did have a bit of help (well if that's what you can call it) from Makenzy, he licked the bowl clean and any little bits i didn't need he had lol.
love Paula x


Made a Towel Cake

Hi, I've seen a lot of people making nappy/towel cakes as presents for people and thought they look really nice, so as a Christmas gift for a friend i decided i would make my very first one. After watching different ways of making them on You Tube i got everything i thought i needed and off i set away making one, after a while i was happy with what i had made. I used a bath sheet and a bath towel for the cake itself and add a scarf around the bottom one to hold it together and a ribbon to go with the colours for the top one. As you can see i have added flowers, these are bath flowers and can be added to the bath and then i got some clear film which i wrapped it in added a bow which i thought just set if off.