I'm Back

Good Morning (well just), hope everyone is well and having time to craft. I feel like I just come back and something else happens and I'm away again, but for the time being I'm here. Had so much going on with the children, grandchildren and myself. My oldest daughter is helping a friend out at the minute so grandchildren come to Nana's. Megan has this cold that's going around, Makenzy's liver has decided to start playing up (as he puts it) might have have more hospital visits and the injections I get and had 8 days again have not worked so I'm not 100%, but as we do we get on with it. It is lovely having great children to help and look after me.
I've never been out of the house apart from doctors and hospitals so I've been playing around doing different things, here are some of what I've been up to

 I love Tatty Ted, I think he's ideal for birthday's of all ages x

 I enjoyed doing this card for a couple that are good friends of the family, when they opened it they thought it was lovely as years ago they use to go dancing every week, but stopped about 10 years again because she had knee problems, they now go out for a drive every week.

 Another one of my baby blankets, over the years I'm not sure how many I have made now. This one is for my granddaughter because it's starting to get cold so my daughter asked for a warm blanket and this is what she got.
Last is my darling granddaughter Sophie, she loves crafting, She has all her own tools and craft drawers at Nana's now so she can craft whenever she likes. We made this card together. I coloured the image and showed her wear to put the things, but she picked the background papers, buttons and how it should go.

Thank You for taken the time to pop along and seeing what I have been up to x


Busy, Busy, Busy

Evening All, I hope you've all had a lovely weekend and maybe even managed to get a bit of crafting done.  I had a lovely weekend with the family, I love having all my Grandchildren around me, even if I do need a lie down once everyone goes. On Sunday I decided to have a clear out and glad I did, I've found things that I forgot I had bought, even found 2 packs of card that I had bought about 8 months ago.
My 2 youngest Megan and Makenzy decided we would make some cakes today as part as Home School, I only watched while they did everything between them and did really good.  Here is what they made

I've also did a bit of crafting myself and this is what I got up to

thought a couple of quick cards.


It's Warm

Hi, I hope you all have had a lovely day and maybe even got a bit of crafting done. It was going to be my class tonight, but as you can see from this post I haven't got there. As I mentioned my car went in for it's MOT on Monday and still not got it back :(
One of the things I love doing most is stamping, I find you can do so much with just a few stamps rather than digi images. I have that many stamps that I have decided that I'm going to sort them all out this weekend and I'm going to use the stamps that are still brand new to make some cards. I know a lot of you will have some you have never used.
I've just been printing some 'My Besties' downloads out so I think you can guess what I'll be doing later and tomorrow. I'll be using my pencils as I've just noticed that I have left my pens at the caravan and we're not going up until next week. It's funny how we decide to use different things, while at one point I wouldn't use anything but my pens and my pencils just for highlighting the image, but now I love using my pencils and not my pens. Have any of you found you do that?

Well I'm away to play with this digi. Have a lovely night and I hope you find a few minutes to do some crafting x



Hello Everyone, sorry I missed yesterday. My car went in for it's MOT yesterday and failed, but never mind it's getting put right so I can have it back. Even though I don't use it everyday I miss it when it's not here. I hope to get it back tomorrow morning as I'm at the doctors at lunch time, if it isn't back my dad will take me, but it will mean I can't do my class at night time.
 I've been sorting my craft things out, well some of them lol. I don't think we really know just how much we do have. I've been trying to sort my paper and card out, putting colours together, so I know if I have paper for inserts that will go with the card I'm making (nothing better than opening a card and seeing the insert that matches the card).

This is one that I love making, I make a few every year as I think you can do so much with it. I will doing this tomorrow with my class along with another Christmas card, which I will put on tomorrow night once we have done it.
Hope you have all had a lovely day and thank you for popping along to have a look x


Not Far Away

Hello Everyone, Well it's that time of the year when we think more about Christmas. I wonder how many of you have started or even finished doing your Christmas cards, also your presents.  I have done some Christmas cards but not the extra special ones that I need, presents are a different matter I haven't even started. With the amount of children and grandchildren I have I need to start soon.
Megan and Makenzy have asked if we can make treat bags up for everyone, the bags will have toffee, fudge, peppermint creams etc. I'm going to make some candles as the older girls all love having candles so I'll make them to match the rooms they have. Might even have a try at making some soap something I've never done before, if anyone have any ideas for me, let me know, thank you.

I had a bad day yesterday that why I never blogged, but feel a lot better today. I've made a couple of cards up to now and I think I might colour some images in this afternoon. That's if I have time as it's one of my grandson's 3rd birthday and he's having a small party for the family.
I'm not sure where I got this image and papers from, I have them in my draw so thought I would make it up.

 Tatty Teddy, always a hit with people, I have a few friends that love teddies but don't like Forever friends so I always make Tatty Teddy.

This kit was a free download that I got 2 years ago and I've always loved it, it's so easy to make up, you get 2 different greetings you can pick, Merry Christmas or Let It Snow.
Thank You for taking the time to pop over and have a look at what I've been up to, I'm off now to have a cuppa and maybe do some colouring x


Busy Busy

Good Afternoon, Friends, Followers and Crafters, it's been a lovely morning so let's hope it stays like that. All I've been doing lately is colouring in, it's so relaxing just sitting, but never done anything with the images I've been doing, so this morning I decided to do some embossing. I have loads of white cards so I thought I would emboss some 6x6 card fronts, so I have some with texture when I need them. Not sure what I'm going to do with them at the moment, but like all crafters I'll find some way to use them.
I decided to write a list of everything I would like to do in 2015, it's amazing once you start just how many things you end up wanting to do. I've got 20 things on my list, things such as:- tell someone special you love them everyday, do a bit of crafting everyday.

Here are a few more images that I've been colouring, along with a card I've made

Well I'm off to do a bit more crafting while Megan and Makenzy (my 2 youngest children) do some more school work x


Good Day

Evening All, didn't have any sleep last night but felt really good today, not sure why but not complaining. I've made a few cards and then did something different.

I decided in the holidays to do what all the kids are doing at the minute and thats 'Loom Bands', I have made a few different things, so today I thought I would have a play around with them again and here's what I made

I made an Owl, I made one on holiday as well. I've made a bracelet but haven't uploaded it yet so I'll do that tomorrow.

Oh by the way I got my new phone today, well when I say my new phone I should say phones. Because I get a big discount on my phones I thought I would just keep my 2 accounts I have with them (one of the phones were Andrew's), anyway I got an Iphone 5s (I've got an Iphone 4s, which Makenzy is going to use) and a Nokia Lumia 930, so not to sure which one I'm going to keep for myself and which one Megan will get. I know a lot of people think that it's a bit much to give children phones that are that price but I get them free on my contract and like I said I get a big discount, so as long as they use what I pay a month I don't mind. We never use our house phone so I only have that because I need it for my Internet and it's in my package from Sky.
Well enough about that, sorry for rambling on lol x


Something Different

Hello Friends, Followers and Crafters, I decided to do something different today and make some dummy clips

I've been asked to make a few for friends and family as well as for my Grandchildren. I've been asked to make one with name, date of birth and weight on as a present for a new Mammy.
I have made some keyrings withs names on ie Granda, Nana, Sister etc.

Going to make some as stocking fillers for Christmas.
Thank you popping over to see what i've been up to x


Did You Know

Afternoon All, While on holiday last week we went to Hobbycraft for a look around (well tried). I was asked if I would like to join the club (didn't know they had one), I did and I got 15% of everything I bought and on a voucher for 15% off anything I buy next time I go, so I will have to go back, after all if I didn't it would be a shame to waste it.
I forgot to say last night that the pencils I am using to colour of my Prismacolor and then finish with my stumps to blend the colours.

Last night I got a photo emailed to me of myself that was taken 2002, it was just before I became pregnant with my daughter Megan, thought I would let you see. I had went down from a size 18 to a 10. I was swimming everyday and not in my wheelchair

Megan said that i looked like a pin, not sure if that's good or bad lol x

Pics I said I would put on last night

Here's some of the images i've been colouring while away


I'm Back

Hello Everyone, sorry I've never been on my blog for over a year. I feel the time is right to start writing again.
I've been on holiday for 6 weeks and yes it was really lovely and Megan and Makenzy both enjoyed it so much. I have a lot of crafting ideas at our caravan so whenever I want to craft I can, I've even took my cuttle bug some folders and dies.
I've been doing a lot of colouring since getting here, I find it so relaxing sitting on my own colouring. I printed some images as well as printing some digi images out. I decided to use my pencils to do my colouring, I'm not sure why but I've went off using my pens, even be thinking about selling them, which is something I wouldn't even of thought of it 6 month ago but after using my pencils I've decided I like it a lot more. I've coloured some of "My Besties" digis so I can make cards later on with them.
Well I was going to add a few I had done but as I'm using my iPad not my laptop I'm not sure how to add my pics, so I will have to go on my laptop tomorrow and add my pics.
Thank you for coming back to read what I've been up to x