Windy Day

Hello Crafty Friends and Followers, What a day it's been. Went to the doctors this morning for my B12 injection, so pleased I got it, lets hope it will kick in soon and give me a boost. Almost got blown out of my wheel chair it was that bad. I thought yesterday was windy but today has been worse.
Going to the gym tomorrow so hope the wind isn't as bad as today. only been 2 or 3 times this year so I need to get back in to the swing of things.
Here is a card I have made, Hope you like it. It was made from the "Pretty Tuff" CD from I love the words, I remember them from when I was little and my Nana would always say it to my cousin.


Windy Day

Hello and welcome Crafty Friends and Followers new and old, I hope you have all been wrapped up warm if you have been out today. Can't believe the wind today, even the car was rocking while waiting for the children coming out of school. Waiting in the car for the children we could see little children holding tight on to mammy's hand so they didn't get blown away.
I have made a few cards today, could of made more but time was getting on and had to tidy up for children came in from school.
Here is one of the cards I made today


Been Sorting

Evening Crafty Friends and Follower, Just sitting waiting for some one to come out to find out why we have no hot water, I phoned at 6.30pm and still nobody.
 I've had a good day, playing with bit's of paper and tea bags and coffee, as I wanted a vintage look for things for male cards. After I had finished playing, I've decided that I am going to use them for my class tomorrow night as I really like them. We are going to make a male card and a Christmas card, they want to make one Christmas card a month.
Here is another card I made with the images I have been colouring.

I would like to enter this card into the following challenge - Anything Goes


It's Been One Of Them Days

Hello Crafty Friends and Followers, like the header says "It's been one of them days". This morning I got an email to say a friend had passed away during the night, I think it's always sad to hear that someone has gone when you have known them so long. Then at tea time another friend phoned me and said she had been in a car crash, she was sore but nothing to bad and the back end of her car is a right off, but like I said to her she was ok, that's all that mattered. After that I had to tell her about our friend who had passed away as it was her son's aunty from a different marriage, which was a bit of a shock for her.
I've done a bit of colouring today for my Mum, she wants to make some small cards and she liked the get well card I made her while she was in hospital and wanted the same image, it's only a image of 5 little flowers but she loved it.
Here is another card that I made yesterday, it was made with one of the images that I coloured last week.

This was a image from Lacy Sunshine, I coloured the image with Promakers, Copics and pencils, the card and paper is from my card stock. the flowers are from I've had the flowers for a while and can't think of what I could use them for, but they work great with this card.
I like to enter this card into the following challenges - Use Some Brown - Colouring


Really Enjoyed My Day

Good Evening Crafty Friends and Followers, I've had a really good day, must be with the sun shining and the snow starting to go. I've made 5 cards today with the images I have been colouring over the past few days. This morning once I got up (had a late morning as I couldn't sleep last night), I just relaxed catching up with my emails and phone calls I had to make. Then this afternoon I thought I would make some cards. I did one thing I don't usually do and only got my box that I put all my scrap paper in and decided to only use them, I was shocked just how many papers I have in there that I really love. I know we all have this sort of box, but how many of us ever use the little bits we save.
Well here are 2 of the cards I have made today

I would like to add this card into the following challenges - Always Anything Goes - Anything Goes - Something New - Something Girly

I would like to enter this card into the following challenges - Always Anything Goes - Anything Goes


Nothing Today

Hi Crafty Friends and Followers, more snow, yes we had more snow last night and a bit this afternoon, so we have about 6 inches. With all this snow it gave's you more time to craft.
I haven't done any crafting today as I've been in bed as my Fibro has kicked in big time and even writing this on my laptop hurts, so thought craft would be no good.
I've downloaded some new Digis today so I can play with my pens and pencils (maybe tomorrow).
That's all for tonight, hope you all keep warm and safe


Been Having A Clear Out

Hello Crafty Friends and Followers, we have snow again here tonight, it's coming down fast and making the snow we already have thicker. All you out there stay warm and safe.
Been having a clear out in the house. Andrew bought me 2 tall bookcases, so I thought we would move the unit in the dinning room and put the 2 bookcases where that was. Andrew moves everything for me, then he decides they don't look right so he had to put the first unit back, but I managed to sort everything out that was on the unit in the first place. I've now put cookery and craft stuff on the unit, looks really nice and tidy. Tomorrow Andrew is putting the 2 bookcases into our room so I can fill them with the craft things I have in our room (all over the place as Andrew says)  Filled new boxes that I got for Christmas with Christmas craft things that I don't need at the moment, found some new stuff I forgot I had. Going to do the bookcases tomorrow and move some more craft things around, (see what else I can find).
Here is another couple of images that I've coloured in


Colouring Time

Hello Crafty Friends and Followers, hope you are all keeping well and not letting all this snow get you down. Just seen on the news there is more to come, ours hasn't even gone away yet.
Megan and Makenzy have been off school again so we did some crafting again this afternoon. I'm really enjoying colouring in at the minute, but I must get some cards or something made with all the images I'm colouring. I've also been playing around with some DT work I need to do (all bright colours).
Here are a few images that I have been colouring

 These images are from, Why not pop over as there is a few retiring image for $1 and if your not one for colouring they also do precoloured images.



Hi and WELCOME to my new Follower and Crafty Friends, Well we've had snow again today, shut my blinds early tonight so not sure if it has been again.
Megan and Makenzy have been off school today due to the weather. They both enjoy a day off even though I still make them do some work. We did some Maths and English, then later on in the day with crafted.  I have no class tonight because of the weather, it was to bad to get in and out of the street.
I have been colouring some more images in tonight, so now I have about 6 images that I can make cards with now.
This is one of the cards I made today. Never made any cards like this for about 6 months, but really enjoyed making it.

I would like to enter this card in to the following challenges - Anything Goes - Anything Goes


Great News

Evening Crafty Friends and Followers, I hope you are all keeping safe and warm, especially if you have snow, we have and then got a lot more this afternoon. Megan and Makenzy got sent home from school because of the snow getting heavier.
Good news, I have been asked to be a Guest Designer for "Lacy Sunshine", they have some lovely digi images, some that are pre coloured, however I'm looking forward to playing around with my own pens and pencils hopefully to create something special. I will post as I finish them and look forward to hearing any comments.
Here is a card I made today
I would like to enter this card in the following challenges - Anything Goes - Forever Mine - Love Song


Been Watching The Snow

Evening Crafty Friends and Followers, I know the one thing everyone is talking about is snow, but I sat today just watching it fall and it was so relaxing, I love the snow, but my body doesn't. With the snow and being so cold my Fibromyalgia kicks in more than normal, so I'm in bed until it goes by the looks of it. One good thing about it is I can read more blogs and get more ideas.
Here is a card I made and a few images I've been colouring in the past couple of days


No Snow Falling Today

Evening Crafters and Followers, I hope you are all well and keeping warm. We've had no more snow fall today, we had a bit during the night but the snow we've got doesn't look like it's going to melt for a while, the road outside our house is like a skating rink, so we hope that we can get the children to school tomorrow.
I have been doing a bit of colouring again today and made this card, I did have a rose in the bottom right hand corner but decided a bow looked better.

I would like to add this card to the following challenges - Anything Goes - Anything Goes - flowers and ribbon


More Snow

Evening Crafty Friends and Followers, I hope you are all taking care and keeping warm with all this snow we are having. One thing I can say about the snow is we have more time to craft as we can't get out.  We have about 6" of snow at the minute but it's snowing heavy again outside, so it will get deeper.  Megan and Makenzy have been playing outside in the back garden, asked if they were going to make a snow man and got told "no", when ask what they are going to do I got told "snow castles" different.
I haven't done much crafting as in card making, as I've been colouring in and enjoyed it. I love colouring in it's so relaxing and I think you can really play around with colours.
Here is a card I made before I started colouring in

 I love Tatty Ted, the cards are always cute x


Been Busy

Evening All, been busy today and enjoyed every minute of it. I've been make DT cards for Feb and March Challenges, I know I'm way ahead. I also made a "Get Well" card and a "Valentine" card. I've also done another few chicks and tonight I have sat with Megan cutting up fabric so she can do dressing design. We got Megan Hamurika design studio, she has got smaller ones but has been asking for the studio, so Santa brought her it. Megan loves anything crafty and asked if we can make her a bag either this weekend or next, so watch this page lol.
Here is the Valentine card I made today. The image is a digi stamp I used is "Cascading Hearts" digi 14707(514) from and the greeting "Love Is In The Air" is also from Eureka Stamps. I used Nellie heart die to cut the image and card from my own stock.

I would like to add this card to the following challenges - Anything Goes - Anything Goes - Anything Goes - Anything Goes - Anything Goes - Anything Goes


Something Different

Hello Crafter Friends and Followers, I hope you all had a good day and the snow, (if you have it)hasn't stopped you doing to much. I've done a mixture of things today. While watching telly this morning I decided to cut a lot of decoupage out and make up, so when I need something in a hurry it's there to make a card. I did another few chicks today, then later on this afternoon I did some colouring in and made a card. Tonight I had a class to teacher and I was surprised that the card I picked for them to do they really enjoyed making.  It's a card I made last year and thought it was something different, here it is.

This is a card I made this afternoon, I have made one similar in the past, but really love the image and I enjoyed colouring it in.


Glad To Hear Nothing

Evening Crafter Friends and Followers, woke up this morning to a lovely blanket of snow and it has been snowing most of the day. I love the snow, but it doesn't help the pain and I can't go out as my wheelchair finds it hard to move.
We've had a busy night tonight with our children and grandchildren, they have all been to see Megan with it being her birthday yesterday. Andrew made food for everyone and also food for them to take home. Everyone has now gone home and Megan and Makenzy are just getting settled for bed, and yes I can hear myself now. I love seeing all the family together even if you can't hear yourself because the grandchildren are running around. Saying that some times the big ones make just as much noise as the little ones. I sat with our baby grandson Harvey all the time they were here, he's still so little, he's just started to talk to you in his own little way when you talk to him and it sounds so nice and cute when he does. Thomas and Sophie didn't want to go home, so Granda's going to pick them up on Sunday morning so they can have the day with us and have a shower and ready for bed before they go home, so that made them happy.
Haven't done much today, here is a card I did manage to make

 I would like to put this card in the following - Anything Goes - Anything Goes - Anything Goes



Afternoon Everyone, what a day, we've got snow, not to thick but it keeps coming down so you never know.Kids will love it when they come out of school, hope your not having it to bad.
Well the Panto last night was GREAT, Megan and Makenzy loved it all. here's a couple of pics

As I said yesterday I'm busy knitting chicks, made about 200 last year and need to do about the same this year, so you know what I'll be doing for a while. It's all to help a local charity, they don't get any funding so I try and get money in for them through different things. I sell these at £1 a chick. Still be making my cads or I'll get bored.


Fab Night

Evening Crafters and Followers, we've just got in from seeing the Panto Aladdin at The Theatre Royal, Newcastle. What a fab night we've had, Megan and Makenzy loved it, Megan at one point said her cheeks were hurting with laughing so much, saying that I didn't know King Kong was in Aladdin.
I haven't done much today as this morning my Fibo was playing up, but once I had a shower, my tablets and my morphine I felt a bit better.
It's Megan's 10th birthday tomorrow, she so looking forward to it, we are going out for a meal, with her Grandparents and the Tuesday we have all her brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews coming for a tea party.
Here's a card I've made for a friend who's going away to work

Just got to add greeting


Lazy Day

Evening Crafters and Followers, I hope you've have a lovely relaxing day, doing some crafting or something you like doing.
I've had a lazy day, I even had a late morning, didn't get up till 10am, haven't done that for a while, it was lovely. I've started knitting chicks for the Easter. I make them every year for charity, I knit little chicks, stuff there heads, sew then up and add a cream egg inside for the body. I've made 4, so tomorrow I'll put a pic up once I get some eggs.
Hopefully I'll nave time to blog tomorrow as we've got tickets to go to "The Theatre Royal" to see the Panto "Aladdin". Every year we get tickets off Santa to go see the Panto and we always have a box to watch from. Megan and Makenzy are really looking forward to it, Megan has all her clothes ready to go, she's putting a dress on, her high heels, (as she calls them) and her fur coat, she thinks only posh people have boxes and you must dress for it.
Here is the card I made,

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Good Day

Evening Crafters and Follower Friends, Well fist thing to let you know, we've had a man out about the damp, try to tell me it's because I have my heating on all the time and it was to hot, think you probably know what I said to that lol, I have heard of many things but I thought that was a good one. Got someone else coming out on Monday morning at 10am, but haven't told them that my social worker and my OT are also coming at 10am and I have told my SW and OT about it, they said they will have something to say about it also, so hopefully it should get something done. Andrew's got to move all the units off the bedroom walls so we can have a look at the walls behind before they come.

As the header says "Good Day" yes I have had a great day. 10am this morning I went to a "Healthy Living Group", where we have 1 hour of talking about health eating and how a lot of people can't stick to diets and how this program just shows you what to swap for what ie low fat butter instead of butter, semi skimmed milk instead of full cream. plain popcorn instead of crisps, things like that. It's surprising just how much you can swap. We also talked about how exercise doesn't mean going to gyms or things like that, but moving you telly control to in front of your telly and just the getting up to turn the telly over each time is a form of exercise and lifting tins of beans or stand up and down during the adverts in programs work as exercise but you don't look at it that way. After that we did 1 hour exercise, but at your own speed, finished at 12pm and we went for a cup of tea, as we had book the gym for 1pm for 1 hour, so I feel good tonight as it's been one of my really good days, don't get many but when I do I try and do as much as I can.

Haven't done any cards today so I've added a couple I made a while back. Will be busy tomorrow as it's Megan's birthday on Monday, so need to make cards and make a cake.


Had The Worse 2 Days

Evening All, where do I start, yesterday Andrew got a tall bookcase for me to put in my craft cupboard to put some of my craft stuff on that I had in boxes on the floor and the worse thing could happen. While picking the things off the floor we had 1" of water and the wall was wet 2ft high, the water had got into the boxes and I've had to through loads of my craft things out, paper, card, template, cards I have made, so you can imagine what I was like and feel. Then tonight when putting Megan and Makenzy went to bed we've notice Megan's walls and floor are soaking wet and there's mould on the walls and carpet, so we looked in Makenzy's room (the other side of the bungalow) and his is the same, but he has a under bed (he sleeps on a high sleeper) is soaking wet, his teddies, blankets, cushions and bottom off is curtains (there 2FT off the floor) and also soaking and mouldy. Going to phone the council tomorrow and I want someone out (We haven't mopped the water up as I want them to see how bad it is). When I phoned them today about the cupboard they told my it wouldn't be damp, well if it not damp don't know what it is.
 Sorry for the rant, I did make cards at my class last night and took some pics, the pics aren't that good, but here they are



Evening Crafters and Followers, I've had a good day today, this morning I made a card, then 1pm Andrew and I went to the gym, been going now for 5 weeks but did have the Christmas off. I didn't do much at the gym as my Fibromyalgia is playing games with me at the minute, but still did an hour. Tonight I made another card and done a bit of colouring in.
I've just finished printing things off a CD and making kits up for my class I teach tomorrow night, will show you what we make tomorrow.
Here are a few things I've done today


We've Had FUN

Hello again, we've had a good time playing this afternoon. Megan and Makenzy have been colouring images to make a birthday card for a friend of the family. It's amazing how quiet it goes when everyone is colouring in. I've been making another card for Eureka Stamps Challenge  ( This challenge isn't till February but I've found my mojo so getting everything done that I can, after all I lost it for about a month last year and hated being without it, as you all know how bad it is when you want to do something but can't.
I've been in bed for a few days, but that hasn't stop us doing anything as everyone gets onto Dad's bed (I have a electric bed so Andrew has a Double bed to himself) and we all do things together. Here's a few pics

Another Card

Morning Crafters and Followers, hope you all have a good day and have some crafting planned. I'm off to start crafting with Megan and Makenzy, so there will be things to see later on today. In the mean time here is another card I had made other other day, hope you like it.


Another Card That I Was Going To Use

Here is a card I had made while making the Challenge card for
Like I said in a past post I made a few, before picking the one I put in for the challenge.
I haven't done any crafting today as we've had Andrew's parents here. It's our son's 16th birthday today, does same that long ago since we had them, it makes you think where the time goes.
Megan and Makenzy go back to school on Tuesday so tomorrow we are going to have a craft day, they love having a craft day as we get loads of things out and they can make whatever they like, Megan wants to make a book for her fashion designs, so she can add colours, patterns and texture to it, but Makenzy's not sure yet so we'll wait and see. I will take pictures of what we do.


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I Have Decided, Eureka Stamp Challenges

Afternoon Crafters and Followers, I have now decided on the card I what to use in the Eureka Stamp Challenge ( ), it has took me a while, but after asking a few family members I have now decided on this one. I will be adding the others to my blog, so you will get to see why I couldn't decide. The challenge is " Use Teal or Turquoise" and it's starts 28th Jan.

This  is one of the others and I would like to add this in - Anything Goes (Inspire Me Friday) - Anything Goes - Anything Goes - Something New - Anything Goes - What's New

So here it is


Can't Decide Which To Add

Evening Crafters, Had a really good day today, I've been making some more cards for for the challenges. I've got 1 more card to add and that's my cards done for this months challenges, only problem is that I've made about 4 or 5 cards and can't decide which I want to use for the challenge. So until I decide you will all have to wait and see, shouldn't be that long. I did ask Andrew (hubby) which did he think would be the best to use and after about 15 minutes looking back and forward said" mmm yes", well want did I expect lol.


Happy New Year

Happy New Year to Everyone, we had a quite New Year and have the Grandchildren today, so it's anything but quite. I hope everyone has had a lovely Christmas and got plenty of goodies whether crafty or not.
I have been busy doing my DT cards for the Eureka Challenges, why not pop over and have a look at what's going on  Here are some of the challenges for January,  JANUARY 7th "Make It Sparkle", JANUARY 14th "Layer It Up & Let It Snow" and JANUARY 21st "Anything Goes",

This is my card for "Make It Sparkle"

"Layer It Up & Let It Snow"

"Anything Goes"