Not A Lot To Say

Hi, well children a lot better today, still got presents to open, hopefully we'll have them all open before he New year.
Haven't done much today, had a play making some flowers and a bit of colouring. Going to start on my DT work tomorrow, have most of it done just need to put it all together



Merry Christmas, I hope everyone's had a lovely Christmas day, we've had a quiet one, both Megan and Makenzy have been poorly and haven't even opened all the presents, there is still presents under the tree but they just want to lie and snuggle in.
I've got a Kobo Glo, clothes, and money for Christmas, the money was nobody new what to get me so thought the money would be easier so I can buy craft things.
We were going to have all the family today but the grandchildren aren't well either so we are leaving it until the weekend and hopefully everyone will feel a lot better by then.
Here are a few Christmas pics

This is our Grandson Harvey, his first Christmas. 1st pic with his new jimjams. on Christmas Eve and then Christmas Day as our little Elf

 Makenzy opening a few presents before going back to bed.
Megan opening a few of her presents, still got loads to open


Forgot To Show You

Forgot to show you a wreath I made to take to the Crem for Our little girl and boy. We always buy one, but this year Andrew asked why don't I make one, so here it is, I added a pink and blue ribbon for each of them.

Tomorrow's The Day

Merry Christmas Everyone, everything is done at my end, and if I've forgot anything it's to late. Megan, Makenzy and I have been sitting on the bed doing Christmas word searches, mazes and spot the different, while the Christmas music has been on. I love hearing the Christmas songs, I've just put Rod Stewart's Christmas on the telly to listen to while on the laptop.
I've made a few more Christmas cards today, so that's a few more to add to my box for next year, think I'm getting carried away lol.


Eeeee Nearly Here

Evening All, well he'll be here soon, hope you've all send your letters to Santa, I did. Well we are now all done for Christmas nothing else to do, well I'm done but Andrew (hubby) isn't. I can't believe him really he's just came into the bedroom and ask have I seen a WH Smiths bag as he can't remember where he put it, (oh no that's wrong, I've put it away somewhere and forgot), wouldn't mind if I had put it somewhere, but it's my Christmas present so why would I put it away, don't even know what it is.

Well I've had another great day crafting and made a few more cards, Christmas ones ready for next year, well I thought all my Christmas stuff is still out so I better start now, then hopefully I'll not be in a rush next year.
Here are few of the cards

I would like to put this SNOWMAN CARD in challenges - Christmas Time - Anything Goes - Anything Goes - Anything Goes - Winter Fun - Cute Christmas

Her are few other cards I have made and enjoyed making them

Thank you for looking, I would love to hear your comments x


I've Found It And I'm So Happy

Isn't it lovely when you find something that you lost, I've found mine.... I know your asking what.... "MY MOJO". I've had a great day making cards, think I've made 8 and enjoyed making every one of them.
Right which 1 will I show you today (just in case I misplace my mojo again I'll keep some for later lol.

 I started making this card for our Grandson's 1st Christmas, then remembered that I've made him a building block card a few weeks again, so decided to make it for a little boy I know and he loves Micky Mouse, I love the colours as they look so clean and fresh.

I would like to add this card in to challenges - Anything Goes - Anything Goes - Anything Goes - Anything Christmas - Christmas - Christmas

Presents For Teachers And Helpers

Having a really good day. I'll let you know first about the presents Megan and Makenzy made for there teachers and helpers at school.
We'll start with "Marzipan Fruits" apples, bananas and strawberries.
Then they made "Rocky Road" and mini "Gingerbread Men". They put them in bags with tags and ribbon. We got some lovely gift bags to put them in.
Megan and Makenzy really enjoyed making them, hope the teachers do as well.


SORRY, Haven't Had Time

It's almost here and don't we know it. Haven't had 5 minutes to myself. I wrapped almost all the Christmas presents today, which is really good for me as it's always Christmas Eve and sometimes still wrapping at 2am, but not this year. I've just finished writing all my Christmas card, hard part now getting them to everyone, Andrew's job not mine lol.
Found my Craft Robo blades yesterday and was going to have a play, as I know I have Christmas discs, but no it's still in the cupboard. The card I've put on is one a made a while ago.

This Tatty Ted card was first stamped and coloured then I have an embossing folder the same to go with the stamp, I find that the embossing doesn't really show up.


Getting There

Been making cards today and yes I'm getting there slowly. Made another 20 cards today and have enjoyed doing them. Think I've found my mojo, it's been missing for a while and I couldn't find it, I knew it was somewhere around just didn't know where. Well this time next week and it'll be the big day. Still got presents to get, shopping to do and most important, got to wrap all the presents, I say each year I'm going to wrap them as we get them and still haven't done it.
This first card is Magnolia Snowman, I love my Magnolia stamps, just haven't used them much this Christmas.

This card is a topper, mounted on to red mirror board, I love the image its really simple.

The last card is made up from different elements from other cards I got last year, I added them together to make one card that I liked.


Need To Do More

The title says it all. I made a few cards this morning before going to the Gym at 1.00pm. Can't believe just how much I'm enjoying the gym, I'm now doing a bit longer on the rower and ego bike, when I first jointed I was doing 6 mins on each, then having a break then 6 mins again, now I do 20 mins on both before I break then another 10mins, and then I do weights. Andrew's doing really good he's lost a stone since we started.

I need to get a lot more cards for Christmas done, so I've decided to make as many as I can each day before I need to rest, I made 32 today, some are quick one and some have took me a bit longer. This card I made from a Kanban decoupage kit, the kit was to make 1 card but I made 2 by putting 1,3,5 numbered decoupage and 2,4 together and the backing paper was big enough for 2.

I love House Mouse and I think there is some lovely decoupage for them. The Last is for a topper, which is good when you have loads to make.


I Love Children

Evening Crafters, made a few cards, helped Megan and Makenzy with Christmas cards for school, then this afternoon we went to Christingles.  Christingles was lovely, it was in our local Coffee Shop.  As you know we made the Christingles yesterday for today. There was 26 of us and the children age range was 9 months to 10 years old, the Children sang Christmas songs, heard the story about Jesus's birth and "Twas The Night Before Christmas". We all had cakes, cookies and drinks afterwards.

Here are couple of cards I made this morning, a Christmas card, birthday card and a card for a friends husband. The Christmas card was made from bits I had lying in a tub (not sure how long they had been in the tub, there was more bits), I decided I wanted something different, I think I have done that.  The card for "husband" was made in Red and White as her husband's football team is Red and White and like she said he would probably notice it with the colours.


Hello and Welcome

Hello and Welcome to All, another busy day, I managed to make a couple of cards, a bit of knit and then we  all as a family made Christingles (the orange with the red ribbon, currants and the candle) for tomorrow night as we are all going to Christingles service, we are going early as there is never enough time to fit it in as a family Christmas Eve.
The 2 cards I have made are both Christmas trees but made differently. My first tree is made using 1 sheet of white card and 1 sheet of green card and either cut or rip 4 wavy stripes of green and white and then cutting them down to size to made your Christmas tree. I added gems, wobbly eyes and a star.

The second Christmas tree is made by folding the paper and adding them on top of each other to form the tree

I would like to add this card to challenges - It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas - Anything Holiday Goes


In, Out All Day Long

Evening my Crafty Friends, hope you've all be busy either with Christmas or Crafting. I've had a busy day, but it's been good. 9.45am Andrew and I went to the gym did an hour workout (well my top part of my body). On our way house Andrew asked if I would like a cuppa in the Coffee shop beside us, So off we went, Lovely pot of tea and half a toasted teacake, while we were there, I notice tomorrow and Sunday they are doing Christingles, so tomorrow all of us are going to make Christingles things, then on Sunday we are going to Christingles. I love taking the children, but sometime it's that busy we drop them off with family, but with this one being early we are all going, Megan and Makenzy are really looking forward to it.
This afternoon we went to Makenzy's school concert, it's lovely seeing all the children dressed up.
 I've decided to show you the wreath I made, this is the first time I've made one and I'm really happy with finished thing. I'm going to make another one to take to the Crem


About Today

Evening Crafters, what can I say about today apart from different to my others. Started this morning with a lie in until 9am and that was after a so so night's sleep. Andrew took the children to school and came back with a MD breakfast for us both (sausage muffin, hash brown and fresh orange) it was lovely, don't ever have MDs as I don't like them, but this morning I did.
I've had a lazy day, all day knitting almost finished an all-in-one for our baby Grandson. At 4.45pm  we took Megan (our daughter) back to school for her school concert. We were going to watch it but had to hang around until 5.30pm for in to start and let us in. All I can say it was worth it, we all had a good laugh, all the children had done great. Megan was a Pizza Chef (yes I know, they don't do Christmas concerts now), so we didn't get in until 7.15pm, glad a had a lazy day lol.
Here is Megan and her friend being Pizza chefs, Megan is in the pinks.

I said I would show you the candles we made last night at my class, the ladies really enjoyed it and made 3 candles each and even said when they went home they would be making them again. Here are 2 I made (Tilda as she's one lot of stamps I love)


Sorry Not Blogged,

Hi All, Sorry I haven't blogged for a couple of days, it's been so busy with birthdays, school concerts, school parties and on top of all that my Mother has been taking into hospital not sure why, Just had phone call off my daughter to say she seen everything happening at my Mother's and went in and my Mother didn't know who she was. I have rang my Dad but he doesn't know anything yet, but will let me know. I know you will probably think blogging isn't the thing to do but I'm not close to my Mother only my Dad.

I've finished now with the pink and white pram set, done the crochet around the edge, just need to do it on the red and white, but like everyone of you know trying to get anything done this time of the year is not easy.

Andrew's (hubby) been's out today and got me some bits, I want to make another wreath to take down to the Crem for our twins, we always buy one but this year Andrew asked why didn't I make one for them as I had made one for our front door.
Got my class tonight and we are doing candles, a few of the class have done them but a couple haven't, I'll show you tomorrow .


Not A Happy Day

Not looking forward to today, got a family funeral at 3pm, it's hard at the best of time, but this time a year and leaving children behind is always worse.

I have been busy this morning making a card for a friend and I really enjoyed making it and kept my mind off this afternoon.

There's nothing better than Tatty Ted to put a smile on your face.

I'm busy knitting am all in one for our youngest Grandson Harvey. It was nice that our daughter-in-law asked me to knit for him as she loves knitted things on him. Must get a few things knitted for Megan's baby (doll) for Christmas, she loves her baby and loves to have her dressed in matching coat, hat, mitts and booties .


Just Been Playing

Just been playing and this is what I've made, what do you think? Was thinking about making about 50 and taking them to the children's home

What Have I Done?

Evening Crafters, I've had a lovely day, but haven't done much. Didn't get up till late (10am). I've been in bed most of today, not that there's anything wrong with me, but I'm always more comfortable lying on my bed, than sitting in my wheel chair. If I'm not going anywhere that's where you can find me most of the time, I do everything from my bed...craft, knit, watch telly, read and play games with the children. I'm just finished knitting my last dolls pram set just the crocheting around the edges and it's finished, I've done 1 pink and white and the other 1 is red and white. Had to laugh at Megan today, she has been busy all morning in her room and when she came out, she showed me what she's been doing..... Lavender Socks, yes I know what your thinking, "What are Lavender Socks?" Megan decided she wanted he clothes to smell nice (not sure what's wrong with the Lenor I use) so she put Lavender in socks as she couldn't find any bags to put it in. Now her draws smell the way they should (her words). Megan and Makenzy have just wrote there second letter to Santa as they forgot to put there address on the first ones and Santa rang (great App for your phone "Fake call from Santa)to say he knew where we lived but wasn't sure if the elves had our new address to write a letter back to them, so second letter wrote ready to post in the morning.


I Just Love Christmas

What more can I say but I really do love Christmas, It's took me a bit to get into it this year, think that's with moving and having so much done to the house. Andrew put Christmas lights up in kitchen/dinning room and then put lights around our bedroom window for me, look lovely. Well as I said yesterday I was going to do birthday cards for our daughter and then I had a order for 2 Christmas cards, I made them this morning and I have just almost finished a dolls pram set, just need to crochet around the pillow and blanket and that's another order done and out of the way for Christmas, just got one more dolls pram set to do and that's all my orders done for Christmas. Here is some I've done, thank you for your comments


Feeling Good

Evening All, I've been to the gym again today and I can say I have start to feel the difference. This is the first time I've been to the gym for 15 years, (I have swam for exercise to keep fit). Well I hope everyone has almost if not got all your Christmas cards done, must say I haven't, going to crack on this weekend and hopefully get most of them done, then I can start next week sorting out Christmas cards with Megan and Makenzy, they both like to make Christmas card by hand rather than buy them so that takes a bit of time with 30 Children in each class. I try and get them to do 6 different ones and make 5 each of them so it doesn't take to long and they don't get fed up doing them all (not that they do, it's me who does after a while). It's our oldest daughter's birthday tomorrow and I haven't even made her a card, but that's first on my list in the morning as we're not going to see her till tea time, then I need to make a 5th birthday card for our grandson for his birthday on Wednesday. Think tonight is going to be a long night Megan and Makenzy are both sleeping out tonight. The only time they have slept out has been when I'm in hospital but never while I've been at home, so not sure if it will be me or them that will be the worse, I'm missing them already and they just went. Here's a couple of cards I made a few days ago