Really, Really Fed Up

Morning, well still no phone or internet and been told they'll not look at again until 4th April, been told they need a multi skill tech to dig a hole for BT, wouldn't mind i could dig the hole it's only lifting 2 flag stones and dig 1 feet hole but they've said it can't be just anyone it must be someone who is multi skilled (didn't know you had to skills to dig a hole).
Not missing the phone but I am missing the internet, so are the children, especially since they do school work on it.
Hope it won't be to long


Long Time

Morning, feels ages since I have been on here. As of yet we still don't have any phone or internet, so finding it hard to get online and keep up to date on my blog as well as everything else. The bungalow is coming on very slowly, we still have no kitchen, (getting fed up with everything out of the microwave), hopefully getting my hoists fitted in the next 6 weeks, bathroom floor should be down within the next 4 weeks and on the good side I now i have my toilet fitted and in use (not bad 1 out of many things done)
I have bee busy making cards since not having the internet, I'm not on Facebook (didn't think I would miss it as much as I do, I can't follow craft things), I've just done some invites for a 65th Birthday.
Well I hope to start writing daily, as long as I can get online using my dongle.