Having A Sort Out

Where do I start, been doing my craft cupboard out, didn't know I had so much. It's amazing what I've found that I thought I have used or forgot I had. I've decided that I don't need anymore card or paper for a while, also found a load of decoupage, I know why I have a lot because when I first started making cards (about 11 years ago) I loved doing decoupage and just bought some every time we were out, only problem is that back then you had to cut your decoupage yourself as there wasn't much you just popped out. I don't do much decoupage now, I would rather do stamping.
 I think I've done more crafting in the last few weeks then I have done over the last year. I'm back teaching my class once a week, which I'm enjoying.
 Been crafting today with one of my Granddaughters, Sophie loves crafting, as soon as she comes through my door she shouts "Nana can we craft please". It's really lovely that she loves to craft with me. I'll add some pictures later of what we have been doing.