Late But Here Now

Hello Crafty Friends and Followers, Thank you for the kind remarks on my cards. Been out today and popped into Boundary Mills just for a look and ended up spending to much on craft things, but I did need them....really.
Got the children and grandchildren tomorrow for dinner, looking forward to it, it's lovely have all the kids around me, especially at the minute.

We are getting a new member of the family on 31st May. She'll be 8 weeks old when she comes to us. Abby (that's the name Megan and Makenzy have picked for her) will be getting trained to work and help me in everyday life. We are all really looking forward to her coming, we went to see her last week and now going twice a week until we get her so she can get use to us as well as us to her.

This is Abby, she's 4 weeks old in this pic, just opened her eyes

Abby, Mammy and Brothers and Sisters
 Abby with her Brothers and Sister

Abby's the one at the back with the purple collar on


Having A Good Day Today

Afternoon Crafty Friends and Followers, I'm having a good day today and even had a good class last night. Last nights class went really well, we made 2 cards, the first was an 8 x 8 card with a basic decoupage on the front made from Crafters Companions Party Paws Cd.

The second card we made was from the same CD but we used a 6 x 6 card, we cut the shape out which I made a template for everyone.

Thank You for looking at my blog, hope you'll become a follower and pop back again.



Hello Crafty Friends and Followers, Had a hard day yesterday, it was Makenzy's 9th birthday and the first without Andrew his Dad, I didn't think something like a birthday could be so hard, Makenzy found it really hard as he wanted his Dad there with him, even though I told him Daddy will always be with us, it's still really hard for him and Megan to understand, even I find it hard.

Any way here is another card I have made, I'm enjoying getting back into crafting, think it's because it helps me relax and I know Andrew wouldn't be happy if I stopped doing it as it's help so much over the years with that many different things. Andrew was always buying something crafty for me.


Another One For Today

Hi crafty Friends and Followers, I've made another card this morning. I'm busy sorting out things for tonight's class, I've decided to start my classes again, think it helps me getting back and Andrew won't want me to stop doing it.



Hi Crafty Friends and Followers, I would first like to say a BIG THANK YOU for all the support you have gave and children and myself through the loss of my husband and mother, it's still not sunk in yet and I know it's going to take a very long time before it will. I have decided to start crafting again as I know this is one thing Andrew would hate me stopping as it's got my through a lot in the past.
I thought I would start with just a simple card