Megan's 8th Birthday Cake

Hi, just thought I would add a pic of Megan's birthday cake I made today. I've never made a birthday cake before, so i was suprised at how it has turned out. I did have a bit of help (well if that's what you can call it) from Makenzy, he licked the bowl clean and any little bits i didn't need he had lol.
love Paula x


Made a Towel Cake

Hi, I've seen a lot of people making nappy/towel cakes as presents for people and thought they look really nice, so as a Christmas gift for a friend i decided i would make my very first one. After watching different ways of making them on You Tube i got everything i thought i needed and off i set away making one, after a while i was happy with what i had made. I used a bath sheet and a bath towel for the cake itself and add a scarf around the bottom one to hold it together and a ribbon to go with the colours for the top one. As you can see i have added flowers, these are bath flowers and can be added to the bath and then i got some clear film which i wrapped it in added a bow which i thought just set if off.