Morning, Yes It Is

Morning, I would say on this lovely morning, but with it only being 2.39am it's a bit hard to say what it's going to be like. Got a class today, going to be making some Sarah Kay cards I think, mind you depanding on who's going to there might even do some forever friend cards.
Well bungalow is coming on slowly just need carpet down in bedrooms and that's all the flooring done, next is starting to move everything from the house to the bungalow. Still waiting for loads to be done through my OT (new kitchen, bathroom floor to be done and new toilet, hoist to be fitted in bedroom and sitting room, new front door, intercom, new bed and chair) not a lot lol.
Well have a great day and enjoy whatever you have on :) x


Getting There

Evening, hope you've had a good day and being having fun crafting, I've been doing birthday cards for 2 men (my 2 brother-in-laws) but I was asked to make cards for my mother-in-law (1 son and 1 son-in-law), my sister (1 brother and 1 partner) and then for us (1 brother and 1 brother-in-law) wouldn't mind if it had been for female cards as I could make loads of those, but as we all know male cards are so hard especially when they aren't into anything.
Went to the bungalow yesterday and finished the glossing and the flooring in the back hallway and part of my room has been done so got carpets to get down and that will be Megan and Makenzy's rooms finished and my almost. Waiting for a new kitchen, need the designers out first to try and get everything into the space we have (which isn't a lot)
Megan and Makenzy have been making toppers so they can put them in photo frames and put on the wall, and Megan is in the middle of sanding her chest of drawers down, as we painted them white and she wanted to sand some of the paint off, I'll add a photo once she has finished them.
Here is a few cards I have made


Had A Bad Few Days

Evening, had a bad few days so haven't done much. Andrew's been really busy doing the bungalow, still got a lot to do, but we're getting there slowly. Hope to get my hoist in within the next couple of weeks, can't wait to move in life will be a lot better for us all, especially for Andrew as he won't have to lift me as we will have a hoist in both the bedroom and the sittingroom. Been looking at cards i can do tomorrow with my night class, i do a night class every Wednesday for a few women who can only do night classes as they all work at the same Doctors, still not sure i do know we are going to be using punches, i will upload what we made on Thursday


Busy, Busy

Hi, what a busy week I've had, our bungalow is coming on good, painting almost finished then the flooring can be put down, getting new blinds on 3rd Feb and hopefully moving in 13th Feb all being well. Even though I've had a busy week I've had time to make some cards, I've missed crafting so much, so Thursday i had my craft class and made a few cards.
Going to a craft fair tomorrow, hope i get some goodies, not sure what I'm after at the minute, but i do know once I'm there I'll see plenty that i want lol.


A Card At My Class

Here is a card i made with Anne and Barbara the new ladies at my class.

One Of Them Days

Evening,hope you've all had a really lovely day and done plenty of crafting, I've not done much crafting as such, I've been colouring in tonight while Megan and Makenzy played games.
Our little granddaughter Sophie has been taken into hospital tonight, not sure if they know what it is, she's being sick all the time, will keep you updated.


Busy Day

Evening, it's been a busy but lovely day, had time to craft. I had 2 new ladies join my craft class today. Barbara and Anne are new to card making and decided to come along and have some fun. We made a decoupage lady card and added a insert which always finishes your card, having the right insert for your can make all the difference to a card.
It's Megan's 9th birthday on Saturday, so had cards to make for her, one for her grandparents, one for her little brother, one for her oldest sister and of course on for us. She would like a reborn baby for her birthday and nothing else, as she told us "a reborn baby are a lot of money so i don't mind just getting that".
Hoping to get some painting done this weekend in our bungalow, can't wait to move in, i just keep thinking not long to go just to 13th Feb.


Tuesday 10th Jan2012

Morning all, hope you had a lovely day yesterday and a even better one today. Got a busy day a head of me today, first Andrew (hubby) has to go and pick our oldest daughter Nikki (she 26) up, take her to work, drop Thomas our 4 year old grandson at breakfast club, come back home with Sophie our 2 year old granddaughter and pick up our children Megan and Makenzy and take them to school, then he can come home for a cup of coffee (I'll let him have one to keep him going) lol. At 11.10 we have to go and collect Thomas from nursery, then go into North Shields to sign the paper work for our new bungalow and once signed we can have the keys (yes I've got our bungalow at last, only waited 7 years for one). Then back home with grandchildren for lunch and then we get some crafty things out so we can have a lovely afternoon playing (my best time lol). We then pick Megan and Makenzy up from school at 3.15pm and home again for tea. We have Thomas and Sophie until 5pm when we pick Nikki up from work and take her and grandchildren home. Not bad for a days work lol.
Yesterday Monday I sat and coloured in 4 different images to make birthday cards for Megan's birthday on Saturday, she's not really in to anything this year so I've coloured Tilda, Sarah Kay, Kenny K and a LOTV images in I'll make all 4 cards up then decide on 2, one from us and one from the grandchildren for her, Makenzy has started his own for her.
Well nothing much more to say at the minute, hopefully I can get a bit of sleep before everyone has to get up.


Just Notice

I've just notice that the time is displayed wrong at the bottom of the page, the time is 12.50AM, I'll have to see if i can put it right, if anyone knows how please leave me a comment just incase I can't, nite

Monday 9th Jan2012

Good morning,yes I know it's just morning, but i don't sleep, so that's why I decided to try and keep my blog up to date.
After looking around the bungalow on Friday we've decided to take it, hopefully moving in sometime in the next 4 to 6 weeks, they is a lot to get done to it before it will be ready for me, it needs new kitchen and bathroom, it needs cleaned and paint all the way through, but just doing all the same colour for now so we can get into it. I hope to get a phone call today to say when we need to sign the papers and get the keys, really looking forward to it.
Megan and Makenzy have started making mood board for their bedrooms to show us what they like and want, Megan has decided on a very girlie room, red, hearts, butterfiles and gems, unlike Makenzy he wants cars, buses, lorries, tigers,elephants and anything else like that, he said a jungle but with his cars and lorries lol ( that's Makenzy for you ).
I'm looking forward to moving into the bungalow, it will be a lot better and easier for both Andrew and I, I'll feel a lot better as I won't have to keep asking for help as it's all on one level and I know Andrew will get a lot more rest.
I'll add some pics later so you can see us getting on, then you'll be able to see the before and after.


Firday 6th Jan 2012

Good morning, ......yes itis morning it's 2.06am another night with no sleep. The wind has died down loads here compared with last night/early morning when it was so bad and blow down the hole side fence in the front garden.
Today we are going to look at a 3 bedroom bungalow with my OT just to make sure it is suitable for me and my wheelchair, fingers and toes crossed, if it is ok for us it will be much better not just for me but the whole family, it will be a lot better for Andrew, especially for bed as once i'm upstairs in the house we are in now Andrew has to do everything for me as we don't have a hoist upstairs, but there's one in the bedroom at the bungalow, plus i think it will be easier for the children, if i'm not well they can still talk to me if there playing with there toys and i'm in bed, so i'll keep you up to date on that.


A Card I Was Asked To Make

This card I made for Beth Creations (it's on Facebook), it was for a 18th birthday.

A 70th Birthday Cake

This is a 70th Birthday cake I was ask to make for my mother-in-law, I only had 3 days to make it and at the beginning didn't know what sort I would make. I made 2 sponge cakes 12" and 8", I filled the the 12" with apricot jam and butter cream and the 8" with rashberry jam and butter cream. I decided on the colour as I had seen these gold numbers and used them for my colour guide. The roses are made of chocolate, I fastened the ribbon to the back of the cake with small gold pearl pins.
Everyone loved the cake and my mother-in-law cried when she saw it, so I was really happy. By the way I don't make cakes.

A few cards Megan and Makenzy made for they friends

Megan 8 years old and Makenzy 7 years old love crafting with or without me. They wanted to make all the Christmas crads they send to school, so here are the cards they made,

Some ideas with die cuts

Thursday 5th Jan 2012

Morning, well I can say morning as it's 3.18am. Hope everyone has had a lovely Christmas and New Year, Christmas was very busy in our house as you can guess over the holidays, it seemed to be none stop presents, even Tuesday night just gone Megan and Makenzy got more presents from a friend of mine. Megan's counting the days down to her birthday on 14th Jan, she's wrote a birthday list, meanly craft things and Mr Gum books (if you don't know these books there for 8 to10 year olds, i find them hard to understand but it's what she's been reading at school),she also wants Mr Gum flip (it's for the DS, it's storys and games on one thing). I haven't done any craft this year as of yet, well i have coloured a few images in for cards, so you could call that crafting, but did buy some really lovely birthday wrapping paper to use for backing paper, I got it from my local Waterstones, it's lovely and thick not like the normal paper you buy and it was only £1.00 a sheet so I thought that was good. Well I'll close for now with it being so early, have a lovely day.