A Soldiers Poem

Repatriation - By Ssgt Andy McFarlane
The leviathan of the sky does land,In England 's green and pleasant land
Its cargo more precious than gold,The body of a hero, bold
Once the giant's engines stopped,The cargo ramp is gently dropped
Carried by six on shoulders true,The hero is saluted by the crew
The coffin draped in Union Jack,Is slowly carried out the back
Out of the dark and into light,Slowly down the ramp and to the right
The six approach the hearse all black,And place the hero gently in the back
The six then turn and march away,Their duty has been done this day
Politicians usually have much to say,No sign of them near here this day.
They hide away and out of danger,Much easier if the hero is a stranger
The hearse with its precious load,Moves slowly out onto the road
The floral tributes line the route,While comrades snap a smart salute
At the edge of a Wiltshire town,The cortege slows its pace right down
The streets are packed, many deep,Some throw flowers, most just weep
The crowd have come to say farewell,The church bell rings a low death knell
Regimental standards are lowered down,As the hero passed through the town
The cortege stops and silence reigns,The towns folk feel the family's pain.
The nations' flag lowered to half mast,Our brave hero is home at last.
Please pass it to other people, love Paula x


Morning All (well morning for some of us)

Well still not asleep, would to be one of these people that can sleep for 8 hours or more, i have been asleep for a hour, but been awake since 12.30am and won't be back to sleep now till tonight.
We're having a count down in our house with the litle ones until we go on holiday only 5 more sleeps (can't wait). Going to Scotland to meet some of the family we've never met before only found them as i'm doing the family tree (my dad's side) and found about 50 all living around and about the same place, so been keeping in contact with them and now meeting them.


Had A Look

Hi, just been sorting through everything i got yesterday from a very kind lady and God i got alot, 5 sets of C&C card kits unopened, 3 sets that had been opened but not used, a loads of papers and card.
I'm going to sort out some bit for her granddaughter who has just stared making jewelly and make a special thank you card. x


Some Cards

Here's a few of my cards

Hi All

Hi All you crafts and those who aren't. Had a really good day, got loads and loads of craft things given from an old lady who was down sizing and thought i could do something with them x