Been Busy

Hi. I've had a few days in bed as I've been in a lot of pain, but that means I've been doing some cross stitch and did a order for cards that I had. I try and do as much crafting as I can when I'm stuck in bed as it takes my mind of the pain a bit. I finished a order I had for some cards and then Makenzy dropped them of for me. I put the money I make on my cards away until October, thats when we go down to Doncaster to Stamp Magic and stay in a hotel, we normally have about 5 days.  I've got 4 different cross stitches on the go at the minute. I have a lovely 'Wolf' cross stitch half done but I can only do it during the day as the background is black so hurts my eyes at night. I have a 'Cat with a sewing box', a small cross stitch which I'm almost finished of a cat, it's to make a card with and last is one that I got on Friday from Hobbycraft. Hobbycraft are doing some really nice and cheap cross stitch kits, you are getting everything you need including the hoop for £6.
Here are a few of the things that I have been up to

 This is one of the cross stitches I'm doing at the minute.

These are a few of the cards I made for an order.


Another Goodbye

Evening,  just as I thought this year was going to be a good one.  Today we said goodbye to someone I've known for over 30 years. He was the most lovable man you could meet, he was the life and soul of any party and most of all he was a great Dad and Granda.   Life is one thing we have no control over, it doesn't wait until you are old.  We need to make everyday as if it's our last, enjoy and do what you want to do, I know it's Easier said than done especially if your in pain or you have things on your mind that aren't good.

Oh before I forget my car still isn't fix yet but hopefully it will be next week. The man from the garage is coming out Monday or Tuesday to reset the keys and my lift to see if that will make it work, so fingers crossed.  It's funny I waited so long for my car, when it came I looked forward to being able to go out on my own as I have a lift and guess what I still haven't been able to go out n my own as the lift doesn't always work.
I went for my PIP medical this week. The person that took it was really lovely, his first words to me was 'I'm really sorry that you've had to come, I will be talking to my boss when we are finished as you should of never had to come'.  I was only in about 10 minutes rather than the hour it should of been.  I'll keep you up to date on what happens.
Well I'm off to bed as I have my grandchildren coming tomorrow, I've never seen them this year, sounds like a long time rather than a few weeks.


Another Year

Well here is the start of another year, let's hope it doesn't go by as quick as last year did.  I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year.  The birthday's start tomorrow with Josh the we have Lucy, Megan, Lee and Nathan the  last for January.

I got my new car at last on 19th Dec2016 and after only 11 days I had to call the RAC as the lift would not work so I couldn't get into the car. I had to wait 2 and 1/2 hours before they got to me, by that time I was freezing. The lad managed to get me in after 30 minutes and followed us home to make sure I could get out, which I did. Since then I haven't used the car as I don't want to get stuck again. Had a call to say someone will be out on Monday to have a look at the car, as they are still on holiday until then.

I'm busy with a few different things at the minute. Megan asked if I would make her a cardi with chunky wool and cable down the front, so I've done the back and almost finished one side. I'm doing a cross stitch for her for her birthday (it's on 14th). I making 2 cut and fold books for little presents for friends. I also need to do birthday cards.  So as you can see I've not got much on.  I need to fit into all this doctor and hospital appointments for both Megan and myself, oh and my card classes start up again on 18th January.

I'll take a few pics of some of the things as I finish them.