Had A Good Day

Evening, had a really good day. I make a few cards and also been playing with flowers again. Had a good class yesterday and I thought I would show them how to make the flower, which they found easy to make and enjoyed doing them, they did 3 different sizes. Thought I better get started on Christmas cards, as I have so many to make, and send about 250 each year. Waiting for some new CDs coming, I ordered Debbie Moore's Diamond and Lade double CD and her goody bag, as there was 50% off all weekend, got most of Debbie's CDs but I didn't have that one and there is also 2 or 3 CDs in her goody bag, can't wait to see what else you get in it, I'll upload a picture when I get it.


Another Day With Makenzy

Sunday's Makenzy and my day for crafting, Andrew takes Megan to Drama School then he does bits that he wants to do. Makenzy decided that we would make funny glasses and a cap. We ha great fun making the glasses, one was a elephant but the other we won't that sure about, you decide... Making the cap Makenzy had to do a lot of sewing, but being left handed he found it hard to sew it, but he did it as you can see from his picture.

Can't Believe It

Can't believe just how nice of a weekend we have had, been outside once as I don't like the heat, but don't mind. Got all my washing done today as nothing's better than climbing into a nice fresh crisp bed and the sheets smell of fresh air. Been die cutting a lot today for tomorrows class, been doing circles for flowers, I played around making some.


Another Lovely Day

Well another lovely day, we don't get many so we must make the most of it. I'm going to do some crafting in the garden today, thinking about making some flowers using my dies (circles), I'll put them up later once I have had a play around. One great thing about today I have my old printer up and working after losing the cds for it I couldn't use it and after trying to download the software it sill wouldn't work, so Andrew (hubby) bought me a new one but I don't like it, so this morning I did a web chat with Epson and they have now sorted me out and my printer in working great. Hope everyone has a lovely day in the sun no matter where you are


A Few Cards We've Been Making In Class

I'm Back

Well after what seems a life time I am back and enjoying every minute, never thought I would say I've missed the interest so much. Our new kitchen is in and we had our first chicken dinner on Tuesday since we moved in Feb (really enjoyed it). I have busy with our new premises now that we have moved for my classes I teach, we have now a up to date building where I have a room of my own for teaching (really posh). We have been making Christmas cards the past few weeks as everyone wants to start early.