It's Been A Good Day

Evening Crafty Friends and Followers, I've had a good day today, no tears (well up to now).  I'm in the middle of knitting a baby blanket, I have 2 to do, a white one and a pink and white one both for my best friends daughters for presents.
Got a lot on tomorrow, going to pick my oldest daughter up and dropping my Granddaughter off at school, then Megan and Makenzy have both asked to go to school tomorrow afternoon so need to drop them off and then Nikki (my oldest daughter) and I are going to see Abby our new puppy, we might be getting her early on 24th instead of 31st May, Megan and Makenzy can't wait.
Abby first time in the garden, her brothers and sisters loved it.

  Nikki has got her new puppy and she's called Princess Petals, the youngest Grandchildren picked the name. Princess petals is 9 weeks old and so tiny


Getting There

Evening Crafty friends and Followers, Sorry I haven't been around much, but it still really hard to do anything, even watching telly is hard. There is so many thing that remind me of Andrew as he was everything to me. It hard getting crafty things now as Andrew would always get them for me.  the children are finding it really hard, Megan and Makenzy aren't even back to school full time, Megan does 2 afternoons a week and Makenzy does 1 afternoon a week. Neither one of them want to be away from me which I understand fully, just wish the school would see it the same.
Anyway I have started doing my class again on a Wednesday night for the local GP staff. I don't mind doing cards while I'm with them but on my own I'm finding it hard to get into the swing of it.
Here are a few cards that I have been making with the class


Late But Here Now

Hello Crafty Friends and Followers, Thank you for the kind remarks on my cards. Been out today and popped into Boundary Mills just for a look and ended up spending to much on craft things, but I did need them....really.
Got the children and grandchildren tomorrow for dinner, looking forward to it, it's lovely have all the kids around me, especially at the minute.

We are getting a new member of the family on 31st May. She'll be 8 weeks old when she comes to us. Abby (that's the name Megan and Makenzy have picked for her) will be getting trained to work and help me in everyday life. We are all really looking forward to her coming, we went to see her last week and now going twice a week until we get her so she can get use to us as well as us to her.

This is Abby, she's 4 weeks old in this pic, just opened her eyes

Abby, Mammy and Brothers and Sisters
 Abby with her Brothers and Sister

Abby's the one at the back with the purple collar on


Having A Good Day Today

Afternoon Crafty Friends and Followers, I'm having a good day today and even had a good class last night. Last nights class went really well, we made 2 cards, the first was an 8 x 8 card with a basic decoupage on the front made from Crafters Companions Party Paws Cd.

The second card we made was from the same CD but we used a 6 x 6 card, we cut the shape out which I made a template for everyone.

Thank You for looking at my blog, hope you'll become a follower and pop back again.



Hello Crafty Friends and Followers, Had a hard day yesterday, it was Makenzy's 9th birthday and the first without Andrew his Dad, I didn't think something like a birthday could be so hard, Makenzy found it really hard as he wanted his Dad there with him, even though I told him Daddy will always be with us, it's still really hard for him and Megan to understand, even I find it hard.

Any way here is another card I have made, I'm enjoying getting back into crafting, think it's because it helps me relax and I know Andrew wouldn't be happy if I stopped doing it as it's help so much over the years with that many different things. Andrew was always buying something crafty for me.


Another One For Today

Hi crafty Friends and Followers, I've made another card this morning. I'm busy sorting out things for tonight's class, I've decided to start my classes again, think it helps me getting back and Andrew won't want me to stop doing it.



Hi Crafty Friends and Followers, I would first like to say a BIG THANK YOU for all the support you have gave and children and myself through the loss of my husband and mother, it's still not sunk in yet and I know it's going to take a very long time before it will. I have decided to start crafting again as I know this is one thing Andrew would hate me stopping as it's got my through a lot in the past.
I thought I would start with just a simple card


More Bad News

Evening All, just to say It may be a bit longer for me to get back as my mother passed away yesterday. It has been a really bad month for my children and myself, first there Daddy was taken and now there Nana


Won't Be Around For A While

Dear Crafty Friends and Followers, I would just like to say I won't be around for awhile as my husband Andrew died suddenly yesterday morning.


Eureke stamp Challenge

Evening Crafty Friends and Followers, just to show you my DT Member card for the new Challenge on -Spring Has Sprung
Image from Eureka Stamps digi image 26404, Coloured with Copics and everything else from my own stash


Just A Quickie Tonight

Evening Everyone, just a quick one for tonight. Might not be on the next couple of days as my husband Andrew is going into hospital tomorrow for a Op and not sure what will be happening.
Thank you for all the lovely comments on the pics of our grandson Harvey's Christening.


Had A Lovely day

Afternoon Crafty Friends and Followers, Happy Mother's Day to all the Mother's out there. I hope you having and had a lovely day. I have had a really lovely Mother's Day, as well as all my cards and presents, it has been our Grandson Harvey's Christening this morning. We have just got in from a lovely time with all family and friends celebrating Harvey's special day.
This is his cake and cup cakes we had made for him

 Nana, Granda and Harvey
Granda and Harvey



Hello again, had a busy day today, I had Christening cards and Mother's day cards to make, wish I had done them during the week, but never mind there all done now. My first card is for our Grandson's Christening tomorrow and then the Mother's day cards

Liebster Award

Hello Crafty Friends and Followers old and new. I am honored to have recently been nominated for the Liebster Award by Lisa Warren) Please pop over and have a look at her blog.

I have never heard of the Liebster Award so I googled it and found different stories about it.

The Rules For The Liebster Award are:-

1) Thank the person who nominated you by linking back to their blog

2) Norminate five blogs with less than 200 followers

3) Let the nominees know by leaving a comment on their blog

4) Add the Liebster Award image to your site

So my nominees are:- Debbi - Louise - Lorraine - Eiglas

Sorry about the links they have decided not to work so for the time being would you mind just copy and paste the address until I can find out why they are not or if you know why please leave my a message, thank you


No Time For Anything

Evening Crafty Friends and Followers, it's been such a long day today, was at hospital this morning for me, then had to go and get my DLA sorted, then we had to take Makenzy to the hospital for his check up, all good until July, just got some tablets to take until we go back. So after a day like mine I've never had anytime to do or make anything, but got things printed out ready for tomorrow to do Christening cards, Mothers Day card and a new baby card so busy, busy tomorrow. Oh also got to find clothes for our grandson's Christening on Sunday.
Hope you've all had a good day.


Another Day

Evening Crafty Friends and Followers, another lazy day today, it was one of those day when you want to do something but not sure what so you end up doing nothing. I've got another card to show you from the images that I coloured the other day. I've added clear gems to make them look like bubbles in the water. I added a little crab charm to the bottom corner which can be removed and added to whatever you would like. let me know what you think.


Morning, Bright and Early

Morning Crafty Friends and Followers, I'm bright and early doing my blog today, got my class tonight and find it hard to do it when I get in afterwards.
The card I'm showing you today is another card with a image that I coloured the other day. I just love these images at the minute, I think there's so many way to colour them.  I coloured with Copics, Promarkers and Tom Holts Distress markers, I've only started with the Tim Holts markers and still not sure if I like them or not, the nibs lovely to work with but I have found blending them isn't as easy as my other pens.
I think this image looks better than I do in a morning

I would like to enter this card into the following challenge - Anything Goes


Love Making Cards

Hi crafty Friends and Followers, I have had a lovely day today> I spent this morning with my husband Andrew just relaxing and chatting, then this afternoon I thought I would make a few cards with the images that I coloured in yesterday.
Here is one of the cards that I made, I used Promarker and Copics to colour the image and everything else was things I had in my craft sash. Tying the bows wasn't easy with them being so small.

I would like to enter this card into the following challenges - Mother's Day - Women - Mother's Day - Buttons or Bling - All Things Spring - Anything Goes - Anything Goes - Anything Goes


Good and Bad

Hello Crafty friends and Followers, didn't have a good morning, Andrew (hubby) had his appointment at the hospital about his lungs. He had to have another scan and after 2 hours sitting in the hospital, he now has to go bad next week to have a "Bronchoscopy" done and might be in over night, was also told this might damage his lungs more, just have to wait and see.
Had a nice afternoon playing with my images and colouring pens. I thought I would sit and do some colouring in, so I have some already made to do some cards up. I love sitting colouring in, it always relaxing just to sit and do this. I use Promarkers, Copics and Distress markers, if I need to add a hint of depth I use my colouring pencils.
Here are a few of the images that I've been colouring



Hello Crafty Friends and Followers, I've had another good day, grandchildren been playing so no crafting for them. So I decided to make my "Dammit Doll" I've made loads for charity.  Here one is and the verses that goes with it
"When you seem to climb the walls"
or stand up and shout.
I've made for you a Dammit Doll
You cannot do without
You grab it firmly by the legs
And find a place to slam it.
Then as you whack the stuffing out
Yell Dammit, Dammit, Dammit Doll

I hope you like it 


Had A Good Day

Evening Crafty Friends and Followers old and new, I have had a lovely day playing with my Grandchildren Thomas and Sophie. We have been making some more flowers and Mother's Day cards for next week, the only thing that I had to do was help. We have made 2 cards and used the flowers we have made.
 Thomas is 5 has made the heart card, I thought he was doing really good until I noticed it's back to front.
Sophie is 3 and she just wanted flowers on her card.

I have finished a cross stitch card that I've been doing for a few days.
I would like to enter this card/cross stitch in to the follow challenges - Mad As a March Hare - Easter - Anything Goes - Spring



Evening Crafty Friends and Followers old and new, thank you for popping over and seeing what I've been up to. I haven't wrote for a couple of days as I have been bad, my Fibro decided to kick in bad, but I feel great today.
I have just finished doing 75 invites for a family member who's daughter is having a 13th birthday party, so Andrew is dropping them off after picking the children up from school. I just finished making a card, it was a download that I've had for a while but never made it up, I think it's a cute card for a little girl.


More Bits

Evening, Thank You for my birthday wishes.  Well that's everyone away home now, so can have a nice cuppa and read my cards, got more money and craft goodies, so going shopping tomorrow, I'll let you know what I get. We've got our oldest son, his partner and our Grandson coming tomorrow tea time as our son had to work late tonight, so more pressies :)
I've just printed off all the invite I have to make, cut them all to size and punched the corners, I hard part now having to matt and layer them onto 2 lots of card, there's only 80 to do, not many.

I've Been Spoilt

Hello Crafty Friends and Followers, I'm having a lovely day, been spoilt already and got the older children and Grandchildren coming at teatime. Andrew got me a gorgeous bunch of flowers and a lovely vase to put them in,  a new Advance Tape Glider Kit with 6 refills, money, a new wireless floor lamp (so I can have it next to my bed), wine, sweets, a plant in a big cup and saucer, books and book vouchers,  that's before the family come tonight. I feel so lucky to have wonderful family and friends.
This is a card I made last week,
I would like to enter into the following challenges - Anything Goes - Anything Goes


If You would Like

Evening Crafty Friends and Followers old and new, I would just like to say because of the great feedback I've had on my Candi Flowers, I have decided that if anyone would like a sample (as it always helps to see what you have to do) please drop me a line either on Facebook or email me at, I'm only to happy to send 1 out to you.
Today I've been playing with invites that I have been asked to make. The details were simple, white, blue and a touch of silver but nothing fancy, so this is what I came up with and she loves them all, she just needs to decide.


Thank You First

Hello Crafty Friends and Followers new and old, I would just like to say Thank You to everyone that has left me a comment on my Step by Step on making candi dot flowers, it was the first time I have done anything like that on my blog, I will now be doing some more.
Woke up during the night to find it snowing heavy. We have about 2" at the minute and it's started snowing again, so no going out for me as my wheelchair doesn't like the snow, saying that I don't like going out in it anyway.
It's quiet today in the house as the Grandchildren are away to there Dad's house for a sleep over and Makenzy's away to a party, so Megan and I decided to do a bit of crafting and this is what we have done
These 2 cards are Megan's cards

I wanted to do something clean and simple so I did this
I would like to enter this card into the following challenge - A For Anythings With Wings


Been Playing

Morning crafty friends and Followers, I've been up early with the Grandchildren, so I thought I would have a play and Sophie (3) has been helping me. I thought I would make some flowers using Candy Dots, it's not hard, the only thing is it is a bit fiddly.

To make these flowers you will need 1 to 11/2 inch circles, (I used a punch to do mine), candy dots, tweezers and PVA glue.  Start by covering the circle with PVA glue, it's best if you do a few all together. Start by putting 2 candy dots in the middle, you need to bend the candy dots round the end of the tweezers, as shown

Now you start from the outside edge, pick the candy dot up with the tweezers, with the tweezers tip in the middle of the candy dot twist the candy dot around the tweezers as shown

Do the twisting with all the candy dots you are using for the flower.
Lie the candy dots around the outside edge of the circle, once you have done the outside edge start going around again moving closer and closer to the middle of the flower.

This is the finished flower.

I hope you like my flowers and have a try and let me know how you did