Yes it's Here.......

Merry Christmas Everyone, I thought I might of been asleep by now but as you can see I'm still awake.  Santa's plates out with his mince pie and drink, oh and not forgetting carrots for his reindeer.  Even though Makenzy's 12 he still loves doing the Christmas Eve tradition. He's hung his and Megan's Christmas stockings, made sure everything was right for the Santa plate, he then put the reindeer food out so both the reindeer and Santa could see it and also made sure the Magic Key was hung outside so Santa can get in with the presents.  It's so nice that he still wants to do all this. I do think if Megan and he had being going to school instead of Home Ed things would of been different, but being Home Ed and mixing with other children that still believes is a lovely thing.. I'm not to sure about Megan, she still loves doing the reindeer food and the going to bed early ready for Santa, but just not to sure on the rest.
I'm so please the running around for Christmas is over and everyone is hopefully settling down. If you haven't got everything you need now, its to late to worry about it.

Merry Christmas, I hope you've been good and you get some of the things you have asked for.


What You Been Up To?

Good Evening, It's been a long day or is it just me. I've had so much to do and still not finished everything. I decided to do myself a list of things I need to do and need done before the Jolly Man comes.  I woke up early this morning but wish I hadn't, I've woke up with no voice, not good when you have to phone people.  I went and picked up my oldest daughter this morning as she's using my car to get some bits in for me as I'm not in the mood to go shopping.

 I was asked if I could make a couple of Christmas cards for a friend, which I've managed to do and drop off. When I dropped the cards off I found out that her mam had passed away. It's not a nice thing anytime of the year but this time is a bit harder.

We've put our Christmas tree up but haven't finished it yet, that's for tomorrow. I like to do the tree as a family, plus Megan and Makenzy love doing it. Once we are all finished I'll put a pic up so you can see what we've done. I have all the Christmas stockings that I made last year to put up, been making little penguins this year.

Well I'm going to go and have a hot Lemon and an early night and hopefully I will feel a lot better tomorrow and you never know I might have my voice back.