It's Been A Good Day

Evening Crafty Friends and Followers, I've had a good day today, no tears (well up to now).  I'm in the middle of knitting a baby blanket, I have 2 to do, a white one and a pink and white one both for my best friends daughters for presents.
Got a lot on tomorrow, going to pick my oldest daughter up and dropping my Granddaughter off at school, then Megan and Makenzy have both asked to go to school tomorrow afternoon so need to drop them off and then Nikki (my oldest daughter) and I are going to see Abby our new puppy, we might be getting her early on 24th instead of 31st May, Megan and Makenzy can't wait.
Abby first time in the garden, her brothers and sisters loved it.

  Nikki has got her new puppy and she's called Princess Petals, the youngest Grandchildren picked the name. Princess petals is 9 weeks old and so tiny


Getting There

Evening Crafty friends and Followers, Sorry I haven't been around much, but it still really hard to do anything, even watching telly is hard. There is so many thing that remind me of Andrew as he was everything to me. It hard getting crafty things now as Andrew would always get them for me.  the children are finding it really hard, Megan and Makenzy aren't even back to school full time, Megan does 2 afternoons a week and Makenzy does 1 afternoon a week. Neither one of them want to be away from me which I understand fully, just wish the school would see it the same.
Anyway I have started doing my class again on a Wednesday night for the local GP staff. I don't mind doing cards while I'm with them but on my own I'm finding it hard to get into the swing of it.
Here are a few cards that I have been making with the class