Something Different

Hi, not sure if this is going to work but I can only try.
I’ve never been able to get back into my blog since Andrew died not that I haven’t tried but it’s been hard.
Starting from this weekend I’m going to be putting different things on my blog, books I’ve been reading, things I’ve seen on line, on tv or anywhere really. We all get to a stage in our life’s when we’re not sure where to go or where to do (I know I do). If you want me to have a look at something you’ve done, seen or would like to know about just ask and I’ll try my best to do it. 


Not A Good Day

Sorry I missed yesterday, I had a bad day. I always know when I wake in the morning if I'm going to have a good day or a bad day.   I don't feel as bad today so hopefully I'll be ok tonight to write a bit on my wall


Day 1, 14th July 2017

My day started at 8.00am this morning with a drink and my morning tablets, without them I wouldn't be able to get out of bed. I stay in bed for another 30 minutes until my tablets kick in and I'm starting to feel like a human. I don't sleep much, I'm awake on and off all night.
8.30am time to get moving and have a shower, I need to be hoisted into my wheelchair and off to my wet room where I'm hoisted again into my shower chair.
9.30am I'm all done, showered, dressed and back into my wheelchair. Think I spend more time in my hoist in a morning than I do in my wheelchair.
I'm lucky Megan and Makenzy do breakfast for themselves and always make me a cuppa and toast.
As most of you know Megan and Makenzy are Home Educated so it's time for school work. We've done some English, Maths and then they did some of the project they are doing.  While Megan and Makenzy did school work today I've done some washing and sorting out the dinning room. I've done a bit of crafting. I'm knitting Megan a scarf in Harry Potter colours.
12.30pm Lunch time. Makenzy decided he wanted to make lunch today, toasted sandwiches.
1pm. Into the car to collect some books for Nikki (my oldest daughter), then went to my oldest son's house to drop off some bits for the wedding.
It was shopping day for us today. Shopping is the thing I most hate doing, but Makenzy loves it.  The first problem we had today was the parking, because I have a lift in my car I need the extra space at the back of my car to get my lift out. Well today someone decided they wanted to get passed me and almost hit me on my lift.  I have asked in the supermarkets if they could have a few disabled bays that are extra long for people with lifts as I know I'm not the only one that has this problem, but you would think I'm asking for money.   I only do the shopping when I have someone with me as I find it hard reaching a lot of the things I need.  It's not till your in a wheelchair that you see just how hard a simple thing like shopping is.  There's never anyone around when you want something from a shelf

 you can't reach and having to ask someone all the time does get you down and I must say I often just give up and not bother.
I got a lovely present today, a bunch of carnations from my Dad, he knows I love carnations.  Andrew always bought me carnations before he died so it's feels extra special getting them off my Dad.
Megan decided she wanted to make tea tonight and I must say I really enjoyed it.  Makenzy is the one that normally loves doing the cooking but I must say Megan has started to do more cooking and she's enjoying it a lot.  I'm not sure when the last time I made a full meal as they both want to try new things.  Megan loves making mince and dumplings or chicken wrapped in bacon. Makenzy loves making chicken curry and puddings which he's really good at.
 Once I'm at home I spend a lot of my time on my bed as it's where I'm the most comfortable, only problem with that is, if I need anything I have to be hoisted in and out of my wheelchair. Even something as going to the toilet it's as easy as you would think. If I'm on my bed I need hoisted from my bed to my wheelchair, then hoisted from my wheelchair to the toilet, then a repeat to get back on my bed.
I don't watch much telly, I do do a lot of crafting and reading. I've always even crafty but it wasn't until I had to start using a wheelchair (13 years ago)  that I got into a lot of crafts I've never done or heard of before. I remember the first time I decided to start making card, I thought I was really good at it and I enjoyed it a lot, I made Christmas cards for everyone, it wasn't until a couple of years later I found a few of the cards I had made
Today's been a really good day for me, yes I'm in pain but I can still get out and about. I take each day as it comes as I don't know how I'm going to be tomorrow until tomorrow comes.
Time for a shower and bed. I don't sleep much but I do try.
Nite, nite x

Decided on something new

Been thinking about doing this for a while, then a friend said I should do it. So I thought why not I'll do it for a while and see how things go.  I know your probably thinking what is it, well it's writing how my day has been, the ups and downs of being disabled in a wheelchair full time and being a mam to 2 teenagers. I'm not going to start it until tomorrow and it'll be at night when I write how my day has been.


In Pain

I can't believe just how much pain I'm in and it's all because the back hallway in my bungalow isn't wide enough.  When you build a bungalow for disable people, I think you should remember that 'in a wheelchair' is classes as being disabled. Don't get me wrong I love my bungalow and wouldn't give it up for anything, but i would make one thing different and that's the back hallway. My bungalow is great for my wheelchair, my kitchen has been designed so my wheelchair can fit under all the work tops and it has been fitted to a height that works for me from my wheelchair. I have a big wet room with specially designed toilet and hoist, I have a hoist in my sitting room and bedroom, I have no worry getting in and out of my back door as it is level and I have an intercom and automatic front door that I just need to press a button and it will open and close for me. My back hall away is only wide enough for my wheelchair to fit along, but I do need to turn and that's when the problem starts. I don't have enough room to turn from my dinning room into my hall, I already have a hole in my wall from my wheelchair when I turn, but yesterday when I turned I didn't have my foot tucked in far enough and it bent right back ouch. I now have one broken toe and a black swollen foot to go with it.  Even though I'm on a lot of tablets the pain is still bad. I just love hospital and doctors.
I'm stuck in bed anyway at the moment so plenty of crafting this week x


Where Has The Time Gone?

Evening, My day started at 8am this morning, I would of said bright and early but it was anything but bright. Megan and Makenzy both had a bit longer in bed than I did this morning, so I started my day with a lovely cup of tea and a slice of seeded brown bread toast.
I decided to start colouring my image for Classic Design Team Open Challenge Blog ( ) Why not pop over and have a look around and if you fancy joining in it would be really lovely seeing what you make.  I've done my image in a few different stages. I started by deciding what colours I would be using from my Copic Pens. I'm not sure how you start colouring your images but I always start with skin, hair (that's if your image has skin and hair), then work my way downwards. Once I had finished with my Copic Pens, I decided to add my Icicle coloured stickles,then I put it to one side to let it dry. You can never have to much sparkle on your images.  While my image was drying Makenzy and myself decided to sort through my Spectrum Noir Pens (I have so many and only used them a handful of times as I couldn't get use to the colours and shades) I LOVE my Copic pens and the odd few colours in my Promarkers, I also use My Prismacolor pencils and Spectrum Noir pencils. When I use my pencils I do use Sansodor (which I have in a small jar with either cotton wool, foam or kitchen roll in, you don't need a lot) and stumps to help blend the colours and shades together.
 Once my stickles were dry, it was time for my pencils, Sansodor and stumps to add the finishing touch to my image. If you have never used Sansodor and stumps with your pencils why not have a go and you'll be surprised just how much it can add to your image.  My finishing touch for my image was plenty of Glossy Accents, making sure no bubbles appear when your doing it.
   I've got plenty more to do, so shower and early night for me and will add some pics tomorrow. Nite, nite x


Glad To Be Back

Evening, I feel like I've been away for a long time even though it's only been a week. Had a lovely meal tonight, 'chicken tikka with jasmine rice', my youngest son Makenzy made it for us, well for Megan and myself. Makenzy made a plain chicken curry with pilau rice for himself. One thing I can say is he'll make someone very happy when he's older, plus they'll never be short of and a homemade meal.

I'm looking forward to this weekend so I can catch up with everything, get something made for my class to make on Wednesday evening and get some cards made. I have a few orders to make, one being a frame with tile letters inside and the other is a bag that I am going to stamp and colour the images in (must be very girly), then finish it off with a bit a glitter.  I'll take some pics to show you what I've been up to. x