Been Busy

Hi, I've been sorting out my cards that I have made, it's amazing just how many I have. I know I'm not the only one that has loads of cards that they have made, because I teach card making I always end up with 2 the same and unless it's someone's birthday they stay in a box in my cupboard.
I thought I would share a few of the cards that I have made.
The first stitch card is one that I made with my class. I think the hardest part was doing all the holes and maybe deciding on what colour to do.
 This stitch card was a pattern I found for free online. I've really enjoyed making these cards, it does make a difference for the same sort of cards we often do.
 My first Christmas card of the year, decided to start early with the class. I love House Mouse they always look cute.


Having A Sort Out

Where do I start, been doing my craft cupboard out, didn't know I had so much. It's amazing what I've found that I thought I have used or forgot I had. I've decided that I don't need anymore card or paper for a while, also found a load of decoupage, I know why I have a lot because when I first started making cards (about 11 years ago) I loved doing decoupage and just bought some every time we were out, only problem is that back then you had to cut your decoupage yourself as there wasn't much you just popped out. I don't do much decoupage now, I would rather do stamping.
 I think I've done more crafting in the last few weeks then I have done over the last year. I'm back teaching my class once a week, which I'm enjoying.
 Been crafting today with one of my Granddaughters, Sophie loves crafting, as soon as she comes through my door she shouts "Nana can we craft please". It's really lovely that she loves to craft with me. I'll add some pictures later of what we have been doing.


Getting There

Hi, over the past few weeks I've been playing around with book folding and I've decided that I really like doing it. I thought I would start with something easy then go from there, so my first make was 2 hedgehogs, 1 girl and 1 boy. Once I finished the folding I had to decorate the base that they would be put on. As you can see I used a plain green paper, adding leaves, flowers and butterflies, which I punched out.


Been Busy

Hi Bloggers, Crafters and Friends, I've been busy today making some Christmas things, I can show you one of the things but not the other until I finish it off.
I love making these, well not the way I've made it today, when I make this any other time I always make it hanging one under the other, but decided to make it a bit different today and do it in 2 layers as you can see.
I used Debbie Moore's CD Rudolph and Friends. I added gold glitter to the Reindeer and of course red glitter to Rudolph's nose.


So Pleased

Hi Everyone, well I'm so pleased that I now have my laptop back, been without it for nearly 16 months never thought I would miss it with having a ipad but it's amazing how much more you can do on you laptop that you can't do on an ipad.
Over the past 2 years crafting has been what I want to do, no matter how many times I thought "this is it, I'll start crafting again" but after getting all my things out to start making cards, I might get one done then that's it.
I started doing my classes again last week and really enjoyed it, wasn't sure if I would be able to get back into it but we made 2 cards both Christmas and I've got 2 cards made up ready for this weeks class (hope this is the start of crafting again). I will get some pics took of them and get them up for you to see.
I just want to say a big Thank You to everyone that has helped me over the past 2 years, it's been really hard and I know I still have along way to go and I know I will never get over it, but they say I will learn to live with it. Andrew was my everything, just as my children, my dad and grandchildren are and without them I'm not sure where I would be now.


Late night/Early morning

Hello All, not sure if it's night or day so saying "hello" is the easy wary. We'll I've just had my birthday and I had really lovely one, Megan and Makenzy spoilt me with a lot of presents. My dad took them out (sure say they took my dad out lol) on Tuesday and I can say is my dad said he's never seen so many place in 3 hours as did when out with them. One of the places they went to was 'The Royal Quays'  (it's a lot of shops all next to each other), my dad said it was really nice and they've done loads to it since he was down about a year ago, only for me to tell him it's been 8 years since he was last down no wonder it looked different lol.
I've haven't done much crafting over the past few days, but I will be starting this weekend as the classes I teach are starting back up next week so I must start and get things ready. We are going to have a trip to Hobbycraft tomorrow, have a look around, Megan wants to get a few more things for her Smash book she's been doing. I will post some pics tomorrow (Friday evening) to show you how she's getting on as this is the first one she has ever done with no help, (she's done really well).
Well I'll go now and catch up later on today, x


Good Morning

Good Morning, well I'm not sure if you would think that if your up at this time and not been to bed yet. Had a busy day yesterday so this is the first time I've managed to have some time to myself and catch up on here.
Had my Granddaughters last night (Friday) sleeping over which is really lovely, I usually have my Grandson as well but not last night. I was up bright and early this morning as Emily my youngest Grandchildren didn't sleep much as she's full of cold and has a terrible cough, so 4am I was up watching Baby TV with her. My other Granddaughter Sophie had her dance class for 31/2 hours and she has her first exams at 10.30am today, which she really looking forward to and has promised to show Nana everything she has learnt when she comes during the week.
I really can't believe it my youngest Granddaughter's birthday tomorrow (Monday) she will be 1 years old, it's doesn't seem that long ago since she was born, so tiny at 3lb, but saying that she is only in size 3 month clothes and her weight is 14lb, so she is still very small for her age.

Well I will be back on later on today as I've decided to start my albums that I want to make and also Megan and Makenzy both want to do one that they can put in the special things and times with Andrew (daddy) in. This will be my very first try so fingers cross I'll do ok.