Day Off

Evening, had a day off crafting today, only because I haven't had time. Had a full day today, this morning had to go out and buy a few more presents for Christmas for our grandchildren,I know I have loads but Christmas is for the children. Been to the gym again this afternoon, had 2 hours and enjoyed every bit, I did 4.7 miles on the bike and burnt off 64 calories and then did a couple of weights. Tonight Megan and Makenzy wanted to put the tree up as I have said all week but never had time. Our tree is up and it looks lovely I think they've done a really good job with a little bit of help. Still need an angel for the top of the tree, as Andrew through everything out when we moved at the beginning of the year, so we had to buy everything this year even the tree.
Going to have a really busy weekend, I need to make and finish Christmas card for the school fair on Wednesday 5th Dec, they only asked me last Friday if I would do a stall for them and would I have Christmas cards for the children to buy for the teachers and could I make a few cards for the teachers for family and friend, (not a lot). Thank you for visiting my blog, hope you'll come back x


Been And Made New Friends

Evening, where will I start......Tuesday I popped into a little coffee shop that is about 5 minutes from where we live, It is ran by people who go to the local church and is more like a community centre, while there I got talking to Sue (a lovely lady that worked there), I said I made cards and she asked if I liked knitting (well you know I do) so I said yes and she asked it I would like to pop along today (Thursday) as they have a "knit and natter" group in the coffee pot. Been along with a couple of friends and what a lovely group of ladies, everyone was really friendly and we all enjoyed it. Made a couple of cards today after my morning out, nothing special as I had been out until 1.45pm.
We had a full day yesterday, but didn't get much done, plenty of talking and laughing. We were going to make a stationary box and I had a few card kits made up as well. The is what we did....


Had A Good Day

Had a really good day today, The gym went well, even though I can't do a lot with being in my chair but I managed to do the rowing machine (10 minutes), then did hand weights (10 minutes) and then back on the rowing machine (10 minutes). When I was finished I didn't even feel bad, but lets see what I feel like in the morning. Everything is sorted and into packs for my class tomorrow, I'll put some pics up tomorrow night for you to see how we've got on. Found a lovely little coffee shop today and got talking to the people that worked there. Different day of the week they have things going on for people to pop in, they do knit and natter for both adults and children, they have a chill zone where you can do whatever you like to do. I was saying I did card classes and have been asked if I would pop some cards in and come to one of the drop ins to see want people think of having classes. Here are a couple of cards that I have made
I need to do a few more men cards, so I've decided that I must do 1 card a week for men.


Good News

Had a lovely email today from EUREKA STAMPS to say I've been picked for their DT Team, looking forward to working with them. I've done a couple of bits today, as I'm getting things ready for an all day class I have on Wednesday, with staff from a local doctors. I have decided we are making a stationary box and I have also done 2 card kits up as well as I'm not sure how they will get on with the stationary box. This will be the first all day class for them as we normally just do a Wednesday night.
Looking forward (I think)for tomorrow, as I going to the gym. Going to have a look to see what I will be able to use. I want to start going to the gym twice a week if possible, but not sure what they will have have me.


Sorry I've Been Busy

Morning, I had a busy few days, Christmas shopping. We are putting the Christmas tree up later today, Megan and Makenzy's been dying to put the tree up as some of there friends at school have then up. We've had to buy a new tree as Andrew through all our Christmas things out when we moved at the beginning of the year. Never thought buying a tree was so hard, then when we got the tree it was the decs, I've never had a colour for my tree as we've always had little one and let them pick for the tree and dress it, but I thought it would be nice to have one this year (not a good idea, took me ages to decide on a colour lol). I must of looked a right one in Country Basket (warehouse), I had Andrew trying different things on the trees they had up, I did decide on RED and GOLD, Megan and Makenzy had said but I had to try different colours first (after all I'm a woman). While I remember I did say I would show you Megan's hat/scarf/hat so here it is


A Bit Of Everything

Afternoon, where to start, I've done a few things today. I decided to do a bit of colouring in, I use Copics, Promarkers and Pencils. One thing I will say about colouring in images, it's so relaxing as well as always having images finished to make a card. The image I picked to colour was Edwin, I've never made any cards using Edwin in a while and I have a few little boy birthdays coming up. I love the background it's Magnolia Waterfall background.
Next Megan asked me to knit a hat, scarf and gloves all together and when she saw this pattern she decided this is what she wanted, she did want it in the same colour Olive, but after seeing so many different colours she decided on Plum .Almost finished and once I am I'll let you all see it.
And last was finishing off a parchment picture that I have been doing. I love parchment, but it does take time and I like to do it when the house is empty and then I won't make mistakes


Class Tonight

or my class tonight I have made 2 cards. The first class is a simple one, well it was for me not sure about my class. I decided to make this a 8x8 card. Once I decided on what embellishment I was going to use, the next step was to cut a a hole big enough so that the embellishment could be seen through it. I covered the bottom half of the card in a paper from my sash and added gold peel off along the top of the paper and around the hole I cut, last I added a peel off Merry Christmas.
My next card is from La Pashe and it's one of there Trinitage cards. Apart from making 2 square tubes up this card was just cutting the decoupage and adding to your card, before starting the card I made 2 tubes which go on the base of the card and you decoupage is added to it. On each sheet of decoupage you get a small decoupage and greeting which I decided to matt onto red/brown card and added it to the front.
I'll let you all know how the class goes tomorrow


Haven't Had Time

Evening, I haven't had time to do anything today. We were up and out the house for 8.30am for Megan and Makenzy for school, once dropping them off at school it was round to pick up Nana Muriel so she could get her hair done (she 82 years and goes every week). After dropping her of it was to the Metro Centre to meet Andrew's parents as it's was his Dad's birthday. After a cup of tea, which I really enjoyed (first cup of the day) it was Christmas shopping time, we only had till 2.30pm to get everything we needed or should say carry. We managed to get Build-A-Bear for Harvay with JimJams, books for Nikki and Megan, Hotwheels for Thomas, nail art studio and nail art for Megan. Oh and a Kobo Glo with a case for me for Christmas, it was back in the car and back to school to pick Megan and Makenzy back up, We had to hide the presents in the back of the car so they didn't see them. Nice cup of tea and off out again at 5.45pm to The Stone Brook Hotel/Pub for a lovely meal or so we thought with Megan, Makenzy, Lee, Kirsty and baby Harvey. We has to wait 1hour and 10 minutes for our food as they were busy (on looking around we couldn't see that many), only to find it was over cooked. So not going there again. In bed now all snuggled up with heat pad.


Been Busy

Had a busy morning, trying to move the sitting room around so we can put the Christmas tree up at the weekend. I didn't think I had so much craft stuff in the sitting room until I have to start moving it. It's amazing what you can find as well. I made these cards up after I found them, I had put everything into a folder that I would need to make a card and I found 2 so this is what I made
The Tatty Ted card is off a CD, I printed off everything I needed. The other card was a free download I found.


Never Let Children Get Your.......

Evening, Just thought I would tell you to put anything you don't want the children to touch up out of the way. While my daughter was having 5 minutes and a cuppa, she didn't know that her children were in her bedroom playing happily with her make up, thought I would show you all,
just copying Mammy, don't think they've done to bad lol

Lazy Sunday

Nothing better than a lazy Sunday watching Christmas Movies in bed with Megan and Makenzy, I think we've watch 3 all ready and more to come, Christmas 24 what would I do without it. Her is a few cards I have been making during the week but never got round to putting them on. Tatty Ted always makes a cute card for anybody here I have made 2 birthday cards.
This card I make using one of Debbie Moore CDs, not sure which one. I enjoyed making this card, I also made a box with it, so depending on worth I wanted to send it in the post or in person had had 2 different ways of giving it.


When You Get Up And Say "Yes"

When I got up this morning I thought to myself yes I'm making a few cards today, and that is what I've done. Here are 4 cards that I made. This first 2 cards were from Kanban deocupage and backing paper from my stash
This next card is done with a Hunkydory Stamp, I stamped it Momento ink on to white card and matt and layered with card from my sash. I added a few gems to the stamped image and 4 to the corners and added a silver peel off of Happy Birthday.
The last of the cards was something that I made up but never made a card with, so today I thought I would. The decoupage is from the Strictly Christmas range and I used card from my stash for matt and layering, I added a few gems to the baubles and snow flakes. I matted the greeting onto mirror board and attached to the bottom right hand side.
I know I've made 1 Christmas card but it made a difference to make something rather than Christmas Cards. I've just started knitting a scarf with a hood and pockets for Megan, she said she wanted something that was all together so she didn't have to keep looking for things. It shouldn't take me long to knit it as it's with size 10mm (000) needles and super chunky wool, once I finish I'll add a phone.


A Very Long Day

Evening friends, It's been a very long day today. We had a funeral this morning of special very special to me, Someone I called Mam growing up. It was lovely to see so many people at the church, She even had has laughing in church about little things she had said and done. Afterwards we all went for something to eat and what fun we all had talking about thing she would get up to and also things she would say to us (us meaning her daughters and me). We had to laugh that in church when they swung the smoke over the coffin she would of been coughing and telling them to pack it in lol. I'll be uploading some cards tomorrow as today as been very long.


Good Night

Grandchildren Thomas and Sophie have just went home with there Granda to go to bed. We've had them since teatime as our daughter is doing the voting today. I love having them they always know how to make me smile, They were having tea, shower and jimjams on before going home, so after tea I told them they were going in the shower, Sophie loves my shower with it being big (so my wheelchair can fit in), but Thomas kept saying Nana no shower. Well Sophie get's in and within 2 minutes Thomas had his clothes off and was in too. 20 minutes later telling them it was time to get out, Thomas says "5 minutes Nana" and Sophie just saying "not clean yet Granda", so for someone that didn't want to go in the shower we ended up with a crying match because they didn't want to get out. Oh and by the way, both said to Granda " we see you Sunday Granda for Nana's shower lol, I love our Grandchildren so much.

Busy Morning

Morning just , been busy all morning making some cards for some friends who lost their Mam last week. I always find it hard to make cards for things like this, not sure if anyone else does. I wanted to make 4 different cards as I know then all in a different way (if you know what I mean), I wanted the cards to relate to the person and there relationship with both me and their Mam. I use to stay over at the house when I was younger and she was like a Mam to me as well.


Lazy Day

Nothing better than a lazy day, decided to have a lazy day as I'm teaching a class tonight. Andrew had a nice surprise for me this morning when I got up, he had made appointment for me to get my nails done, so I've had them done, so nice having someone pamper you especially when you weren't expecting it and not paying for it. Andrew loves doing little things like that for me, when I finished getting my nails done look what he bought me
first me nails, then these


What Have I Done Today

Evening All, had a good day today, I've enjoyed making two cards for my class to do tomorrow night both Joanna Sheen House Mouse, I think we all like these cute little mice. The first card I have made is a 8x8 card, I mounted the small images onto white card then onto silver mirror board,and the greetings I just mounted onto silver mirror board, I will add silver glamour dust tomorrow night at the class or it will be all over if I do it now lol
The second card I made today was of course another cute House Mouse. This was a bit different in size to what I would normally do for my class, but it's Christmas and you always like sending a extra special card. I made this card using two A4 sheets of white card.
Even though I love Christmas, I'll be glad when I don't have to make Christmas cards any more with my class. I'm looking forward in using all the summer colours again.


Thought I Would

Thought I would show you what I did to the hat I made yesterday, I decided it needed something, so why not a flower
Had a lazy day today really, I've done a bit of knitting, a bit of crochet and asmall cutting (decoupage). Going to do som emore knitting later once Makenzy and I have read his school book about "Seeds", it use to be Peter and Jane when I went to school



Forgot to say (Megan has asked why I have not put this on, so here it is) we have been making Christmas Baubles for the Christmas tree, Megan and Makenzy have really enjoyed making these, even if Makenzy kept dropping the pins on the bed (It's where Andrew lies so I'm not worried lol), they have asked if they can make one for all there nieces and nephews so everyone has a bauble on our Christmas tree. We do have a special deco on the tree for each of our grandchildren, first Christmas for each of them we buy something that relates to them and we also have one for each of our children, I think it makes the tree that little bit special for us all.


First of all just would like to say "We will remember". Been busy today, finished a cardi I've been knitting for a friend's little girl and a hat to go with it, I used black chunky, love knitting in chunky, everything grows quickly. I have made one of these cardis when I was on holiday for the same little girl but in purple and she loved it, so I found some wool and decided to knit her another one.



What can I say about today, I've been watching Christmas 24 on the telly, nothing better than Christmas films. I've been knitting most of the day, it's a cardi for a friends little girl, just needs sewn up now and a hat to be made. I've been looking through my pics of the things I've been up to since last I wrote, didn't know I had knit so many baby blankets and things for our gorgeous grandson Harvey.
This is a few of the blankets I've made.
Baby blanket and teddy for Harvey.
And some other bits


Some Other Things I have Been Doing

A few other things I have been up to since I was on last
Red Velvet Cake Makenzy and I have been making
Digi images I've been colouring in.
A few baby things I've been knitting for our new grandson