School Summer Fair

Well what can I say about it..... not a lot. I made 200 cards and sold......10, why do people complain about the price of cards when there handmade. I only put £1 price on them all, but still people wanted them cheaper. I did get an order for 6 teacher cards and a 2 year old birthday card, but saying that I would of got it anyway as it's my cousin who was after them. I'm off to do my class now, so will pop back later, oh by the way my class last night went great.


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Makenzy decided to see how hard it was raining outside lol
and this is just how bad it has been
Even our Son and Daughter-in law haven't had any luck, they got the key on 22nd June for the new house, moved in on 27th June and got floored out on 28th June,Kirsty doesn't need this at the minute with her due new first baby Oct this year, the builder is still building around them and said there's nothing he can do, even though it was coming from the work he is still doing. So they now have to wait and see what is going to happen, they thought they would have everything sorted for baby coming, but might be 9 to 12 months before they can move back in

A few Things I've Been Doing

A few things i have been doing over the past few weeks

So Busy

Sorry haven't been around for so long, I haven't had 5 minutes to myself. Last week with all that rain we had (I know nightmare for everyone) we had raw sewage coming up the kitchen sink and front toilet, the smell was really bad, but it's smelling nice a sweet now. I had all my hoist now fitted, so I now have one in my bedroom, bathroom and sitting room, a lot better for Andrew's back and is helping a lot now, even Megan and Makenzy know how to use it. Got my first fair to do tomorrow, haven't done one before so not sure how I feel about, I am looking forward to it. I have made about 200 cards for it, i have done a selection of cards, but done more birthday cards than any and I also done a few Christmas cards. I am taking my order book so if anyone wants to order any I can take there details. The main thing I have a problem with is "PRICE" I know people don't like to pay and with it being for the school I thought £1.00 each and my 8x8 cards £2.00, probably still get people complaining about the price even at £1.00 each. Not long now and we go on holiday, so looking forward to it after everything we've had to put up with since moving in Feb this year. When we do get back from our holidays we are having all of it again as we are getting a new bathroom fitted and when I say new bathroom i mean new bathroom, new floor, shower, tiles, shower screens, light and all getting painted as well, so i will need another holiday after that.