Can't Wait

Morning All, well I'm now out of hospital and trying to get back to normal (whatever that is lol). Didn't have a very nice time in hospital and a bit of a shock, I went in with pains in my stomach and was told it was a infection and discharged after a week, then ended back in after only 3 days to find out it wasn't an infection, I had a blockages, so went down for my op, told it would be a 30 minutes, but ended up 3 1/2 hours, in which Andrew (hubby) wasn't told this and was worried sick as I wasn't out after 30 miutes and nobody to say why. When I came out I was told there had remove half of my bowel as it was twisted and I had 4 blockages and they did start with keyhole, but ended up with a full op, cut from my right side across to my belly button (not very comfortable).
That was a week ago, my holes from the keyhole are healing great, but not my large cut, they think I might be getting an infection, so having it done everyday to keep an eye on it.
I've done loads of colouring in images for cards, but can't sit at my desk at the minute to make cards (which i'm itching to do).