Sunday 2nd October 2011

Evening, what a weekend i've had. Andrew decided to change rooms around this weekend and that ment my craftroom as well, so i've got a new craftroom, almost finished by tomorrow it will be all done. Can't wait till i can start crafting again in my own room, it's not the same trying to do it in the dinning room, you always forget something and have to stop until you get it (or in my place until someone gets it for me).
Got cards to make for birthdays for the family, a special one for our granddaughters 2nd birthday on 12th Oct, and going to make some candles up presents for Christmas, also got to make somethings up The Peter Pan's 50th Birthday (it's a place that was set up for children who never grow up, they get no help and rely on peoples help)on 15th Oct.

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