Afternoon and Hello

Where to start, got up this morning (after not going to bed until 4.30am) looked in the mirror and thought someone had been punching me in the face, got a swollen eye and looks black underneath, not sure where it's came from. Decided to have a tidy of all my craft thing I have beside be in the sitting room where I sit, can't believe just how much I have beside me lol. Andrew went to Ikea on Wednesday and got some boxes pack of 2 99p (you made them up but there the size of shoe boxes), so Andrew's made them all up for me and I wrote on the front what was in them and of course I filled them all (10), could of done with more at that price, so hopefully we'll pop over tomorrow if my face goes down a bit.
I'm so happy we have the Internet on again, only problem is, if I'm in bed it won't work, so not that happy as you all know I don't sleep that good.
Been making a lot of cards lately for myself, my classes and also I've been making cards for Boundary Mill in Shiremoor where I live, since moving it has became my local lol, good job Andrew doesn't mind, x

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