What You Been Up To?

Good Evening, It's been a long day or is it just me. I've had so much to do and still not finished everything. I decided to do myself a list of things I need to do and need done before the Jolly Man comes.  I woke up early this morning but wish I hadn't, I've woke up with no voice, not good when you have to phone people.  I went and picked up my oldest daughter this morning as she's using my car to get some bits in for me as I'm not in the mood to go shopping.

 I was asked if I could make a couple of Christmas cards for a friend, which I've managed to do and drop off. When I dropped the cards off I found out that her mam had passed away. It's not a nice thing anytime of the year but this time is a bit harder.

We've put our Christmas tree up but haven't finished it yet, that's for tomorrow. I like to do the tree as a family, plus Megan and Makenzy love doing it. Once we are all finished I'll put a pic up so you can see what we've done. I have all the Christmas stockings that I made last year to put up, been making little penguins this year.

Well I'm going to go and have a hot Lemon and an early night and hopefully I will feel a lot better tomorrow and you never know I might have my voice back.

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