Sunday 11th August 2011

What a long day it has been, feel like i have been up for ever lol. been play with my distress ink and Makenzy (my 7 year old) asked if he could have a play as well so i let him and he's made some papers that he's going to use and his handmade cards he makes, they are drying at the moment but one dried i will put pics up of what he has done.
I need to start and get some Christmas cardsdone, have so many to do for myself and for my sister in-laws business i did them last year and everyone was please with what they got that i've been asked to do them again. I think they thought it had a personal as i put the greeting inside both in English and in Italian (as my sister in-law is married to an italian and the business is also Italian.
Well teatime now and the children want something special for tea, not that i know what is specail as when i asked what was my youngest Makenzy asked for Chicken soup and Megan asked for beans and sausages (nothing special in that to me) lol.

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