Sunday 18th September 2011

Afternoon, haven't done any crafting this weekend as not having a good weekend. In bed as I write this, had a bad night, pain really bad today. Can't really craft anyway at the minute, Andrew's decided to swap kids bedrooms around and also move my craft room around so it will be easier for me, Haven't looked not sure if I should lol. I'm missing not being able to craft, think it's the only think that stops me from getting to stressed (well we do have 9 kids and 3 grandchildren, so need something)lol.
Anyway had a busy week, had a meeting on Monday with Council about the community centre I teach at and then we had 2 big meeting on Thursday with Council, Planning and people in the area about the new community that we are getting built, very nice and posh. We will not have it for 15 months and having to work from different location, which hasn't been easy with the old ladies that do the keep fit, I have found a room in the local school for them, but the time and day has had to be changed.

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