Been Bking with Megan and Makenzy

Weather not been that good here today, so decided we would make some cakes, not sure how we managed to make 16 cakes for the amount of mixture M and M ate lol (but then again it does taste nice). Best part I think they enjoy is putting the cream on the top, think the cream is thicker than the cakes. Done some stamping tonight as I needed some more image so I can colour in when I can't sleep, saying that I am busy knitting a baby blanket for new baby coming in Oct, it's a bit hard at times as we don't know what she is having so trying to find things you can put on both a boy or a girl is hard, but the blanket I'm making is Snowflake wool and I'm using cream, mocha and brown (it's really soft could just cuddle up with it). Well going out for the day tomorrow, Seahouses and then see where else we end up, class tomorrow night, but I have all the work done for that so going to take it with us just in case we don't get time to call home first.

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