The Sun Is Shinning

What a lovely day it's been, I'm sitting on the settee with the blinds open and the sun has a lot of heat in it, it's really lovely. Finished the baby blanket that i have been knitting for our new grandchild (when he or she comes). Busy knitting a teddy to go with the blanket I've just made Haven't got my class to teach tonight, so I'm thinking about having a early night with my new book "Fifty Shades of Grey", started reading it last night and found it hard to put down and go to sleep, so if I go to bed early I can read a bit more. Got my class tomorrow and we are going to make small bags to hold cards in, it's something different for the ladies to make, we are making the bags from cereal boxes and covering them in pattern papers, then we are going to make some cards to go inside, looking forward to the class

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Jo Davies said...

Beautiful blanket and teddy.... Enjoy ur class tomorrow sound good. Enjoy Mr grey have read all three. Big hugs Jo xxx