Not A Bad Day

Hi, It hasn't been a bad day today, the sun has been shinning and it was warm. I've been up since 5am this morning so not much longer and I'm off to bed.
  I've been playing around today with different things trying to think of something different and I have a few things on the go. so wait and see soon. 
 I was asked by my daughters friend if I could do a Father's Day Card for her step dad, (yes I know it's a bit later, but he it's due back in our country until next week), anyway she wanted something different and told me he loves his campervan so this is what I came up with and she loved it

This is another one I made for a friend, she loves cats and also works on computers all day at work

This afternoon I thought I better get some more knitting done as I knitting for a lady who's daughter is due her baby end of Aug beginning of Sept. I've already knitted 2 little cardigans, a pair of mittens, a bonnet and a helmet as she doesn't know what she is having. It's lovely to see that some people still like to wait until the baby is born before finding out what they are having. I think I was lucky with all my children as something told my inside what I was having and I was right for all of them. I know my last 2 children my husband Andrew asked what we were having as we had lost 2 babies before them and deep down we both wanted to know if anything did happen what I was carrying, but he didn't tell me. Plus we had 2 lovely babies, (not that they are babies anymore)

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