Not Been A Good Day

Hi, well it's not been a good day today for me, I've been in a lot of pain so haven't been able to do much. Megan and Makenzy are 2 really great kids. They've got on with school work this morning, followed by doing some art work. This afternoon they both decided to do their bedrooms without being asked to.  Makenzy wanted to make tea tonight and before he even made it I knew what he was going to make. Makenzy's into Chicken and salad wraps. Makenzy's not one to try new things, unlike Megan she'll try anything and everything, she even wants to try crickets. The only crickets we've had in the house were for our pet spider.
 I hope I'm feeling a lot better tomorrow as I have 2 cards to make for someone and then I need to think of something for my class on Wednesday.
I'm off to bed now with a heat pad and some tablets, nite x

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