Another day almost over

Hi, I would normally say good morning or good evening but it's not been one today. Having fibromyalgia does take it out of you and I think if you haven't got it or know someone with it you don't really know how we feel. With fibromyalgia you have good days and bad days but because I have other health problems I find I'm in pain everyday. Anyone that knows me knows I don't like showing how bad I am,  I always say that 'there's someone worse off than me'.  Today's been one of these days where you don't know where you want to be because no way is comfortable.  Trying to find somewhere that is comfortable is one of the hardest things to do. All my body is in pain today even my fingers, and on top of that I'm full of cold. Ive not been off my bed much today as I find sitting in my wheelchair just makes it worse when I'm having a bad day, so lying on my bed with heat mat, tens machine and my tablets is the best place for me.  I must say I have a brilliant family especially Megan and Makenzy. Since Andrew past away they have been my rock, without them I'm not sure where I would be now.
 As most of you know Megan and Makenzy are both 'Home Educated'  HE' for short.  Since we decided on HE Megan and Makenzy have came on loads. We do a lot of hands on things, they both know how to cook and bake, Makenzy takes after Andrew for cooking he loves it so much. They both know how to deal with money for everyday living and also for bills and how to budget.  Some people think because Megan and Makenzy are HE they don't see other children the same age as themselves but we do, we do a lot of HE meets with children of all ages that are also HE. We meet up once a week if not more. Depending on weather and what workshops are on depends on what we do. Megan and Makenzy were at the 'Live Theatre ' doing story writing and the story they were writing with the other HE children was made into a small book for each one of them and it was up to them what the end of the story was about.
Well that's enough for tonight as it's time I try and get some sleep, I know I won't get a lot but some is better than no sleep. Night, night xx

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