In Pain

I can't believe just how much pain I'm in and it's all because the back hallway in my bungalow isn't wide enough.  When you build a bungalow for disable people, I think you should remember that 'in a wheelchair' is classes as being disabled. Don't get me wrong I love my bungalow and wouldn't give it up for anything, but i would make one thing different and that's the back hallway. My bungalow is great for my wheelchair, my kitchen has been designed so my wheelchair can fit under all the work tops and it has been fitted to a height that works for me from my wheelchair. I have a big wet room with specially designed toilet and hoist, I have a hoist in my sitting room and bedroom, I have no worry getting in and out of my back door as it is level and I have an intercom and automatic front door that I just need to press a button and it will open and close for me. My back hall away is only wide enough for my wheelchair to fit along, but I do need to turn and that's when the problem starts. I don't have enough room to turn from my dinning room into my hall, I already have a hole in my wall from my wheelchair when I turn, but yesterday when I turned I didn't have my foot tucked in far enough and it bent right back ouch. I now have one broken toe and a black swollen foot to go with it.  Even though I'm on a lot of tablets the pain is still bad. I just love hospital and doctors.
I'm stuck in bed anyway at the moment so plenty of crafting this week x

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