It's Been One Of Those Days

My day started very early this morning as I woke up at 5am and couldn't get back to sleep. I decided that I would do some colouring in as I didn't want to get up and wake Abby (our doggy). I always have crafty bits beside my in bed for when I can't sleep. It's funny when I first started colouring in my images for cards I used Promarkers, then I found Copic, then Pencils. After a few months of using all these I started using them together to get the shading. I found my best thing I love most of all when colouring is my Stumpies (grey cardboard pencil things)  you use to blend your colours together.

These are a few images that I have coloured and made cards with. I always colour my image then decide on what colours I'm going to use on my cards. I have made a few cards that have been all most the same, because someone has seen it and wanted one done the same. I like to find out what colours they like before I start to colour so I can try and those colours x

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