Had The Worse 2 Days

Evening All, where do I start, yesterday Andrew got a tall bookcase for me to put in my craft cupboard to put some of my craft stuff on that I had in boxes on the floor and the worse thing could happen. While picking the things off the floor we had 1" of water and the wall was wet 2ft high, the water had got into the boxes and I've had to through loads of my craft things out, paper, card, template, cards I have made, so you can imagine what I was like and feel. Then tonight when putting Megan and Makenzy went to bed we've notice Megan's walls and floor are soaking wet and there's mould on the walls and carpet, so we looked in Makenzy's room (the other side of the bungalow) and his is the same, but he has a under bed (he sleeps on a high sleeper) is soaking wet, his teddies, blankets, cushions and bottom off is curtains (there 2FT off the floor) and also soaking and mouldy. Going to phone the council tomorrow and I want someone out (We haven't mopped the water up as I want them to see how bad it is). When I phoned them today about the cupboard they told my it wouldn't be damp, well if it not damp don't know what it is.
 Sorry for the rant, I did make cards at my class last night and took some pics, the pics aren't that good, but here they are


Doreen said...

So sorry about your damp problems,I hope you get it sorted.....Your cards are

Linda Simpson said...

Oh Paula what a shame about your craft goodies. Sorry to hear about the damp. Fingers crossed they get it sorted asap. Loving all of your cards.

Linda xxx

Kate M said...

Lovely cards! I can empathise about your damp. I had water running off the flat roof of my craft room last winter when the down pipe had frozen. Water found its way though the brick work and one wall was completely saturated. I didn't find out until a few days later, by which time, a load of craft stuff had been totally ruined!
Hope you get it sorted quickly.

jane stillman said...

Oh my goodness, I do hope you get the problem sorted asap, especially with young children in the house. Great cards

rachel taylor said...

Love your cards hope you get things sorted out soon hugs from me
happy crafting to you

Craftylollea said...

Oh Paula I'm so sorry to hear about your damp problems and I really hope you get it sorted soon chick...Your cards are gorgeous and I love your choice of colours too
huge hugs, Lorraine xx

Lexie said...

Fab cards Paula.

Sorry about the damp problem. The only rooms in this house which don't have a problem are my son's room and my craft room. Hope you get it sorted soon.