We've Had FUN

Hello again, we've had a good time playing this afternoon. Megan and Makenzy have been colouring images to make a birthday card for a friend of the family. It's amazing how quiet it goes when everyone is colouring in. I've been making another card for Eureka Stamps Challenge  ( This challenge isn't till February but I've found my mojo so getting everything done that I can, after all I lost it for about a month last year and hated being without it, as you all know how bad it is when you want to do something but can't.
I've been in bed for a few days, but that hasn't stop us doing anything as everyone gets onto Dad's bed (I have a electric bed so Andrew has a Double bed to himself) and we all do things together. Here's a few pics


Kate M said...

Great to see the children having fun!

Danie May said...

Looks like the children enjoyed there afternoon of play and it looks like they could be some future artists in the making. Hope you are feeling better today!