What Have I Done?

Evening Crafters, I've had a lovely day, but haven't done much. Didn't get up till late (10am). I've been in bed most of today, not that there's anything wrong with me, but I'm always more comfortable lying on my bed, than sitting in my wheel chair. If I'm not going anywhere that's where you can find me most of the time, I do everything from my bed...craft, knit, watch telly, read and play games with the children. I'm just finished knitting my last dolls pram set just the crocheting around the edges and it's finished, I've done 1 pink and white and the other 1 is red and white. Had to laugh at Megan today, she has been busy all morning in her room and when she came out, she showed me what she's been doing..... Lavender Socks, yes I know what your thinking, "What are Lavender Socks?" Megan decided she wanted he clothes to smell nice (not sure what's wrong with the Lenor I use) so she put Lavender in socks as she couldn't find any bags to put it in. Now her draws smell the way they should (her words). Megan and Makenzy have just wrote there second letter to Santa as they forgot to put there address on the first ones and Santa rang (great App for your phone "Fake call from Santa)to say he knew where we lived but wasn't sure if the elves had our new address to write a letter back to them, so second letter wrote ready to post in the morning.

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