Feeling Good

Evening All, I've been to the gym again today and I can say I have start to feel the difference. This is the first time I've been to the gym for 15 years, (I have swam for exercise to keep fit). Well I hope everyone has almost if not got all your Christmas cards done, must say I haven't, going to crack on this weekend and hopefully get most of them done, then I can start next week sorting out Christmas cards with Megan and Makenzy, they both like to make Christmas card by hand rather than buy them so that takes a bit of time with 30 Children in each class. I try and get them to do 6 different ones and make 5 each of them so it doesn't take to long and they don't get fed up doing them all (not that they do, it's me who does after a while). It's our oldest daughter's birthday tomorrow and I haven't even made her a card, but that's first on my list in the morning as we're not going to see her till tea time, then I need to make a 5th birthday card for our grandson for his birthday on Wednesday. Think tonight is going to be a long night Megan and Makenzy are both sleeping out tonight. The only time they have slept out has been when I'm in hospital but never while I've been at home, so not sure if it will be me or them that will be the worse, I'm missing them already and they just went. Here's a couple of cards I made a few days ago


Sylvia Anderson said...

Lovely creation Sweetie x

Kate M said...

Lovely cards

Chris said...

FAB cards. Chris xx

Lexie said...

Great cards. That's how I'm going to be next time I get married...if ever I'm daft enough to do that! Lol.

Doreen said...

This is gorgeous,love the image and fab

Linda Simpson said...

Beautiful cards hun!

Linda xxx

The British Homemaker said...

I'm tired just reading how you make all your childrens class cards! That is no easy task and as a non card maker I am in total awe!I love your style, its so pretty :)

Debs xx