How Cold Is It

Evening, well I'm home and all snug in bed. The Christmas Fair was ok, I sold 13 cards, after the summer fair I did and sold none as people said £1 a card was to much, I thought this time I would sell them for 50p each and managed to sell 15 and an order for 2, not even the teacher cards sold, some people still said that they could get 4 for a pound (I even said to 1 person to go and do it). On my order table I had, I did well, best seller was "Reindeer food" (made 20 could of sold more)and sold out of it, I sold some "Snowman Soup" and other bits.


sam said...

Glad you managed to sell some cards pity you sold them for 50p as handmade cards are a work of art not seething you made a batch of cheap printed card base x

mamof9 said...

that's why I made some printed ones as well as decoupage and stamped images x

Sylvia Anderson said...

Some people don't appreciate all the work that goes into hand made cards x

Linda Simpson said...

Glad that you sold some of your cards only sorry they only sold for 50p. Some people just don't appreciate all the hard work that goes into making cards.

Linda xxx

Doreen said...

Don't take it to heart,people want things for nothing,they don't relise the work that goes into

Kate M said...

When I spend two hours making a card, there's no way I could bear to sell it for 50p!! I only did 2 craft fairs and found that people wanted dirt cheap cards - so I resolved never to do them again.

Glad that your reindeer food sold!
What was the snowman soup?? I'm intrigued.

Lindsay Craftymonster81 said...

It's such a shame, your cards are beautiful and I don't think £1 is too much for any nice card let alone a handmade one, people might be able to get 4 for a pound but they would only be cheap rubbish things, I think it's very rude of people to say that and I think 50p is too low, surely that's selling at a loss, some of the shops around here sell handmade cards for between £5 and £10 each and they aren't even what I would call special ones. I hope the next one goes better or you find a shop to sell them for you at a reasonable price as you deserve to be getting more than that for your work
Lindsay xx