Tuesday 10th Jan2012

Morning all, hope you had a lovely day yesterday and a even better one today. Got a busy day a head of me today, first Andrew (hubby) has to go and pick our oldest daughter Nikki (she 26) up, take her to work, drop Thomas our 4 year old grandson at breakfast club, come back home with Sophie our 2 year old granddaughter and pick up our children Megan and Makenzy and take them to school, then he can come home for a cup of coffee (I'll let him have one to keep him going) lol. At 11.10 we have to go and collect Thomas from nursery, then go into North Shields to sign the paper work for our new bungalow and once signed we can have the keys (yes I've got our bungalow at last, only waited 7 years for one). Then back home with grandchildren for lunch and then we get some crafty things out so we can have a lovely afternoon playing (my best time lol). We then pick Megan and Makenzy up from school at 3.15pm and home again for tea. We have Thomas and Sophie until 5pm when we pick Nikki up from work and take her and grandchildren home. Not bad for a days work lol.
Yesterday Monday I sat and coloured in 4 different images to make birthday cards for Megan's birthday on Saturday, she's not really in to anything this year so I've coloured Tilda, Sarah Kay, Kenny K and a LOTV images in I'll make all 4 cards up then decide on 2, one from us and one from the grandchildren for her, Makenzy has started his own for her.
Well nothing much more to say at the minute, hopefully I can get a bit of sleep before everyone has to get up.

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