Busy Day

Evening, it's been a busy but lovely day, had time to craft. I had 2 new ladies join my craft class today. Barbara and Anne are new to card making and decided to come along and have some fun. We made a decoupage lady card and added a insert which always finishes your card, having the right insert for your can make all the difference to a card.
It's Megan's 9th birthday on Saturday, so had cards to make for her, one for her grandparents, one for her little brother, one for her oldest sister and of course on for us. She would like a reborn baby for her birthday and nothing else, as she told us "a reborn baby are a lot of money so i don't mind just getting that".
Hoping to get some painting done this weekend in our bungalow, can't wait to move in, i just keep thinking not long to go just to 13th Feb.

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