Monday 9th Jan2012

Good morning,yes I know it's just morning, but i don't sleep, so that's why I decided to try and keep my blog up to date.
After looking around the bungalow on Friday we've decided to take it, hopefully moving in sometime in the next 4 to 6 weeks, they is a lot to get done to it before it will be ready for me, it needs new kitchen and bathroom, it needs cleaned and paint all the way through, but just doing all the same colour for now so we can get into it. I hope to get a phone call today to say when we need to sign the papers and get the keys, really looking forward to it.
Megan and Makenzy have started making mood board for their bedrooms to show us what they like and want, Megan has decided on a very girlie room, red, hearts, butterfiles and gems, unlike Makenzy he wants cars, buses, lorries, tigers,elephants and anything else like that, he said a jungle but with his cars and lorries lol ( that's Makenzy for you ).
I'm looking forward to moving into the bungalow, it will be a lot better and easier for both Andrew and I, I'll feel a lot better as I won't have to keep asking for help as it's all on one level and I know Andrew will get a lot more rest.
I'll add some pics later so you can see us getting on, then you'll be able to see the before and after.

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