Thursday 5th Jan 2012

Morning, well I can say morning as it's 3.18am. Hope everyone has had a lovely Christmas and New Year, Christmas was very busy in our house as you can guess over the holidays, it seemed to be none stop presents, even Tuesday night just gone Megan and Makenzy got more presents from a friend of mine. Megan's counting the days down to her birthday on 14th Jan, she's wrote a birthday list, meanly craft things and Mr Gum books (if you don't know these books there for 8 to10 year olds, i find them hard to understand but it's what she's been reading at school),she also wants Mr Gum flip (it's for the DS, it's storys and games on one thing). I haven't done any craft this year as of yet, well i have coloured a few images in for cards, so you could call that crafting, but did buy some really lovely birthday wrapping paper to use for backing paper, I got it from my local Waterstones, it's lovely and thick not like the normal paper you buy and it was only £1.00 a sheet so I thought that was good. Well I'll close for now with it being so early, have a lovely day.

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