Getting There

Evening, hope you've had a good day and being having fun crafting, I've been doing birthday cards for 2 men (my 2 brother-in-laws) but I was asked to make cards for my mother-in-law (1 son and 1 son-in-law), my sister (1 brother and 1 partner) and then for us (1 brother and 1 brother-in-law) wouldn't mind if it had been for female cards as I could make loads of those, but as we all know male cards are so hard especially when they aren't into anything.
Went to the bungalow yesterday and finished the glossing and the flooring in the back hallway and part of my room has been done so got carpets to get down and that will be Megan and Makenzy's rooms finished and my almost. Waiting for a new kitchen, need the designers out first to try and get everything into the space we have (which isn't a lot)
Megan and Makenzy have been making toppers so they can put them in photo frames and put on the wall, and Megan is in the middle of sanding her chest of drawers down, as we painted them white and she wanted to sand some of the paint off, I'll add a photo once she has finished them.
Here is a few cards I have made

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