I'm Back

Good Morning (well just), hope everyone is well and having time to craft. I feel like I just come back and something else happens and I'm away again, but for the time being I'm here. Had so much going on with the children, grandchildren and myself. My oldest daughter is helping a friend out at the minute so grandchildren come to Nana's. Megan has this cold that's going around, Makenzy's liver has decided to start playing up (as he puts it) might have have more hospital visits and the injections I get and had 8 days again have not worked so I'm not 100%, but as we do we get on with it. It is lovely having great children to help and look after me.
I've never been out of the house apart from doctors and hospitals so I've been playing around doing different things, here are some of what I've been up to

 I love Tatty Ted, I think he's ideal for birthday's of all ages x

 I enjoyed doing this card for a couple that are good friends of the family, when they opened it they thought it was lovely as years ago they use to go dancing every week, but stopped about 10 years again because she had knee problems, they now go out for a drive every week.

 Another one of my baby blankets, over the years I'm not sure how many I have made now. This one is for my granddaughter because it's starting to get cold so my daughter asked for a warm blanket and this is what she got.
Last is my darling granddaughter Sophie, she loves crafting, She has all her own tools and craft drawers at Nana's now so she can craft whenever she likes. We made this card together. I coloured the image and showed her wear to put the things, but she picked the background papers, buttons and how it should go.

Thank You for taken the time to pop along and seeing what I have been up to x

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