I'm Back

Hello Everyone, sorry I've never been on my blog for over a year. I feel the time is right to start writing again.
I've been on holiday for 6 weeks and yes it was really lovely and Megan and Makenzy both enjoyed it so much. I have a lot of crafting ideas at our caravan so whenever I want to craft I can, I've even took my cuttle bug some folders and dies.
I've been doing a lot of colouring since getting here, I find it so relaxing sitting on my own colouring. I printed some images as well as printing some digi images out. I decided to use my pencils to do my colouring, I'm not sure why but I've went off using my pens, even be thinking about selling them, which is something I wouldn't even of thought of it 6 month ago but after using my pencils I've decided I like it a lot more. I've coloured some of "My Besties" digis so I can make cards later on with them.
Well I was going to add a few I had done but as I'm using my iPad not my laptop I'm not sure how to add my pics, so I will have to go on my laptop tomorrow and add my pics.
Thank you for coming back to read what I've been up to x

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Gwyneth said...

Nice to hear that you are having a nice break and re-finding your joy in crafting after your bad times. If you are having fun colouring using your pencils at the moment then keep at it, though I wouldn't be selling your pens if I was you as there's no telling when, in the future, you might be drawn back to them - or when they may work on a different project that pencils wouldn't be right for.