It's Warm

Hi, I hope you all have had a lovely day and maybe even got a bit of crafting done. It was going to be my class tonight, but as you can see from this post I haven't got there. As I mentioned my car went in for it's MOT on Monday and still not got it back :(
One of the things I love doing most is stamping, I find you can do so much with just a few stamps rather than digi images. I have that many stamps that I have decided that I'm going to sort them all out this weekend and I'm going to use the stamps that are still brand new to make some cards. I know a lot of you will have some you have never used.
I've just been printing some 'My Besties' downloads out so I think you can guess what I'll be doing later and tomorrow. I'll be using my pencils as I've just noticed that I have left my pens at the caravan and we're not going up until next week. It's funny how we decide to use different things, while at one point I wouldn't use anything but my pens and my pencils just for highlighting the image, but now I love using my pencils and not my pens. Have any of you found you do that?

Well I'm away to play with this digi. Have a lovely night and I hope you find a few minutes to do some crafting x

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