Good Day

Evening All, didn't have any sleep last night but felt really good today, not sure why but not complaining. I've made a few cards and then did something different.

I decided in the holidays to do what all the kids are doing at the minute and thats 'Loom Bands', I have made a few different things, so today I thought I would have a play around with them again and here's what I made

I made an Owl, I made one on holiday as well. I've made a bracelet but haven't uploaded it yet so I'll do that tomorrow.

Oh by the way I got my new phone today, well when I say my new phone I should say phones. Because I get a big discount on my phones I thought I would just keep my 2 accounts I have with them (one of the phones were Andrew's), anyway I got an Iphone 5s (I've got an Iphone 4s, which Makenzy is going to use) and a Nokia Lumia 930, so not to sure which one I'm going to keep for myself and which one Megan will get. I know a lot of people think that it's a bit much to give children phones that are that price but I get them free on my contract and like I said I get a big discount, so as long as they use what I pay a month I don't mind. We never use our house phone so I only have that because I need it for my Internet and it's in my package from Sky.
Well enough about that, sorry for rambling on lol x

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