Hello Everyone, sorry I missed yesterday. My car went in for it's MOT yesterday and failed, but never mind it's getting put right so I can have it back. Even though I don't use it everyday I miss it when it's not here. I hope to get it back tomorrow morning as I'm at the doctors at lunch time, if it isn't back my dad will take me, but it will mean I can't do my class at night time.
 I've been sorting my craft things out, well some of them lol. I don't think we really know just how much we do have. I've been trying to sort my paper and card out, putting colours together, so I know if I have paper for inserts that will go with the card I'm making (nothing better than opening a card and seeing the insert that matches the card).

This is one that I love making, I make a few every year as I think you can do so much with it. I will doing this tomorrow with my class along with another Christmas card, which I will put on tomorrow night once we have done it.
Hope you have all had a lovely day and thank you for popping along to have a look x

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