Had A Good Day

Had a really good day today, The gym went well, even though I can't do a lot with being in my chair but I managed to do the rowing machine (10 minutes), then did hand weights (10 minutes) and then back on the rowing machine (10 minutes). When I was finished I didn't even feel bad, but lets see what I feel like in the morning. Everything is sorted and into packs for my class tomorrow, I'll put some pics up tomorrow night for you to see how we've got on. Found a lovely little coffee shop today and got talking to the people that worked there. Different day of the week they have things going on for people to pop in, they do knit and natter for both adults and children, they have a chill zone where you can do whatever you like to do. I was saying I did card classes and have been asked if I would pop some cards in and come to one of the drop ins to see want people think of having classes. Here are a couple of cards that I have made
I need to do a few more men cards, so I've decided that I must do 1 card a week for men.


Doreen said...

Gorgeous cards,love

Lise Cooke said...

Fabulous cards love them xxxx

Danie May said...

Gorgeous Cards all three of them. I really love the first one, as I always find male cards so difficult! xx

Kate M said...

Lovely cards - good idea to do one a week!

Linda said...

These are all fabulous Paula. I hope you have a great class and not feel to tired after the gym.

Linda xxx